Discover Your Relationship Language

Understanding your Relationship Language will help you improve your communication, strengthen your relationships, and even save your marriage.

Restore Trust, Love, and Intimacy,
Communicate Well and
Future Proof Your Relationship

You can save your relationship by understanding each other’s relationship language, embracing curious communication skills, and heal the hurts caused by your partner.

Does Any of this Sound Like You?

Dr. Dar - Save Your Relationship Couple Split And Together

My Relationship is Not Working

I’m not really sure what to do or how to fix it.
I know something is wrong, I’m not sure what.

I just need and want to try and fix it on my own first.

Save Your Marriage In 1 Weekend - Dr. Dar Hawks

My Marriage is Failing and We Need Help Now

Things in our relationship aren’t good right now.  They are getting worse by the day.

I need a fix and I need it fast.

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My Past Relationships are Holding Me Back

I invest a lot in my relationships so why does it always feel like I keep falling into the same old relationship traps?

I need a lifeline.

I need help with something else

Free Quizzes

The more you know yourself, the more you can understand what’s happening in your relationships.  I’ve developed some free quizzes to help you. These are the three main things that help people determine what’s going on in their relationships… the good and the bad.

Am I Ready For A Relationship Relationship Languages

Relationship Languages Quiz

Understanding the 5 Relationship Languages will transform your relationships so they are happier, healthier, and more harmonious. Discover your Relationship Language™ now.

Relationship Languages Diy Course To Fix Issues In Your Relationship On Your Own

Improve Your Relationships

Understand which relationship competencies you need to fix your relationship. Know exactly what’s not working, what is working and how to bridge the gap.

Am I Ready For A Relationship - Be Vulnerable With Dr. Dar

Heal Past Relationships

Heal the past to be your best in your current or future relationship.  Figure out what they did versus what you did to move forward from an emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective.

Your Relationship is Your Priority

Relationships are the cause of our joy and our pain.

I know how hard it can be when relationships are causing pain. In fact, every problem I have had in my life is the result of unhealthy relationships. 

Dozens of failed relationships sent me on a journey to better understand what was happening inside my relationships – and the impact I can have on a relationship.

My travels through self-awareness, and my subsequent professional training in couples, life and family coaching have enabled me to discover and pursue my mission: helping others to create happy, healthy and harmonious relationships.

Only when we build relationships that are the source of our joy can we be happy in ourselves, in our family units, in our communities and – yes – in our world.

And that’s why I have created my Relationship Success System for you. I want you to have the tools and support to fully understand your relationship and the power you have to shape that relationship into the source of joy you want it to be.

I’m so glad you are here as it shows that you value your relationship, that you are ready to create change, and you know it’s time to get support. This is your incredible first step.

Explore the advice and services I have to offer. If you have any questions, I am here. Just head to the Contact Me button and I’ll be in touch.

From my heart to yours,
Dr Dar 

Dr. Dar - The Relationship Fixer
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Discover the Power to
Transform Your Relationship

Improving or even saving your relationship can be as easy as learning about the 5 Relationship Languages™.  Empowered with this understanding, you can shift the energy in your relationship, navigate even the most challenging moments, and create the relationship you’ve lost along the way or never quite found. The 5 Relationship Languages Quiz

Your Relationship Language is running in the background all the time, impacting every interaction you have in your relationship. Without understanding this subconscious system, you are missing the ultimate key to better communication, calmer interactions, and a more fulfilling relationship. Quick and straight-forward, the 5 Relationship Languages Quiz is your first step towards a happier, healthier, more harmonious relationship. The 5 Relationship Languages Quiz

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