I help you solve communication and relationship problems

Every human problem ultimately is a communication and relationship problem that can be solved in a multitude of ways…
Without chaos or turmoil.

Let me show you how… with complete confidentiality.

Feeling Good About Yourself, Your Life and Work Begins and Ends with Communication and Your Relationships.


Let me show you how to feel good about all of it!


The relationship, thoughts, and feelings you have with yourself… are either loving or loathing.  Let me show you how to love and nurture yourself with your thoughts and feelings.


Being ready for a healthy relationship is all about mental and emotional clarity.  I will help you know what you require and need from another person, what you’re willing to give and take, and have a clear picture about your relationship goals… and dreams.  Then…see how quickly you attract the love of your life with joy and ease.


When the going gets tough, you think the only way out… is out.  But, there may be many other ways to resolve the issues, find peace within and with them… before you choose to leave.  You may also be surprised to see how much closer you become.  Let me show you how.

Mother, Father, Siblings

The angst and trauma from familial relationships do not have to take a lifetime to resolve… Let me show you how to communicate in a way that honors you and resolves any issues that linger on in your family dynamics.

Business and Work

Too many people hate their jobs… not because of the work they do… but because of the people, they do it with or for.  Let me show you how to create harmony at work so that you are energized, motivated, and appreciated.

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Dr. Dar (Ph.D.)

You will never have anyone as committed as I am to your success… in your life, work, and relationships. I am honoring, supportive, intuitive, and a profound listener for you as your trusted advisor, success mentor and coach.

I believe that when you feel good… you have a life you love, you are appreciated, and you attract more feel good experiences that make your life worth living, each and every day.

My name is Darshana Hawks… and I am known as Dr. Dar.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Darshana Rock

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