Feel Good About Yourself, Your Life, Work and Relationships

from the Inside-Out
(And what to do when You don’t)

With Your Feel Good Relationship Superpower

Knowing your feel-good Relationship Superpower and how to use it gives you the will, strength, and courage to be yourself, understand yourself so that others understand you, have conversations where you are heard, and create desired results. 

Feeling good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships = your manifesting superpower! 

Your Feel-Good Superpower:

  • Keeps you from being downtrodden and feeling hopeless
  • Is a feel-good pill when you are an emotional mess
  • Helps you achieve mastery with your self-awareness, self-worth, and empath-ability
  • Is your manifesting and receiving
  • Is a framework for mastery with communication, listening and connecting in any relationship or situation
  • Helps you feel good every glorious day!

Your superpower is your secret sauce, your magic formula, and your energy that motivates and inspires you to be Your Highest Good Self. A superpower is YOU when you are in flow, feel great about yourself, your life, and your relationships. It allows you to be at your best, know when you are not, and what to do about it. 

The feel-good superpowers can be applied to any situation, what you do, how you say things, your mood, and understanding others.

Knowing which superpower another person needs based on how they are behaving or communicating helps you know which superpower to shift to so that you have a reciprocal and fulfilling interaction. 

The Feel Good Superpower has worked miracles in the lives and relationships for my clients and me. 

May it do the same and more for you! From my heart to yours, Dr. Dar

The Five Feel Good Superpowers

There are 5 Feel-Good Superpowers that can create joy, understanding, connection, and love.
They also can create conflict, tension, and discord.
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