Discover Your Relationship Language

Knowing your relationship language will help you save your marriage, improve communication, and strengthen your  relationships.

How Can I Help?

I help kind, empathic, loving and giving women/men over 40 save their marriage, reclaim their power in relationships,
and heal from past relationships.

Does Any of this Sound Like You?

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My Relationship is Not Working

I’m not really sure what to do or how to fix it.  I know something is wrong, I’m not sure what… I just need and want to fix it.

Save Your Marriage In 1 Weekend - Dr. Dar Hawks

My Marriage is Failing and We Need Help Now

Things in our relationship aren’t good right now and are getting worse by the day.
I need a fix and I need it fast.

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My Past Relationships are Holding Me Back

I invest a lot in my relationships so why does it always feel like I keep falling into the same old relationship traps? I need a lifeline.

Free Quizzes

The more you know yourself, the more you can understand what’s happening in your relationships.  I’ve developed some free quizzes to help you. These are the three main things that help people determine what’s going on in their relationships…
the good and the bad.

Relationship Language - Couple - Communication - Connection - Dr. Dar Hawks

5 Relationship Languages

Understanding the five relationship languages will help you solve relationship problems and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others.
Discover your relationship language.

Fix Your Relationship - Dr. Dar Hawks

Fix Your Relationship

Understand which relationship competencies you need to fix your relationship. There are fifteen competencies, each having four areas of relationships to ourselves and others that are active.

How To Heal From Past Relationships Header - Dr. Dar Hawks

Heal Past Relationships

Heal the past to be your best in your current or future relationship.
Figure out what they did versus what you did to move forward from an emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective.

Dr. Dar


I kept being asked to serve the most difficult customers and save failing projects in my Corporate Career.  I remember an executive saying ‘Give it to Darshana, she can fix it!”… then…

A kind man at a speaking engagement said “you’re going to think I am crazy… but I know you are the one to help me.  My wife is packing her bags right now – I know you can help me save my marriage!” 

I spent the weekend listening to each of them… unbiased and impartial, sharing things I could see that they could not, coaching them to resolve their complaints about how one is tired of doing everything at home and being the sole financial provider, and teaching them about their relationship languages to build new intimate connection. 

They are still together today, happily, twenty two years later.

Dr. Dar - The Relationship Fixer
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