I help you solve communication, relationship and productivity problems

Every human problem ultimately is a communication and relationship problem that can be solved in a multitude of ways…
Without criticism, struggle, chaos, pain, or turmoil.

Let me show you how to be confident, trust again, and be a stand for yourself in all your relationships… with complete confidentiality, compassion, and nonjudgmental listening.

Feeling Good About Yourself, Your Life and Work Happens With Collaborative Communication, Reciprocal Relationships and Being Productive.


Let me show you how to feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships today.


When you feel good about yourself, inside and out, your life is fulfilling.  Have you truly considered how you think and feel about yourself, your life, work, and relationships? Is the relationship between your thoughts, and feelings loving or loathing?  Have you been in controlling relationships that have made you feel powerless, unworthy, or anxious?  Let me show you how to nurture yourself, be productive, feel great about yourself and your life, and to achieve your goals with joy and ease.


Being ready for a healthy relationship is all about mental and emotional clarity.  I will help you:

  • Know what you require and need from another person in a committed relationship… without doubt or hesitation,
  • Be clear about what you’re willing to give and take… and what to say and do when you’re giving or taking more… and when others are taking more from you… because relationships are a delicate balance of giving and taking.
  • Plot a clear picture of your relationship goals… and dreams… because everything you want in life takes some planning and goal setting so that your vision board and dreams happen in real life.
  • See how quickly you attract the love of your life with joy and ease with your newfound solid clarity… because having a clear, documented plan makes it happen.

You want your partner to change… but everyone says you cannot change another person, only yourself.   That’s not entirely true. I will show you how your energy is contributing to your partner showing up the way they are… and what to do to change it so that your partner shows up differently… the way you want them to… without any pushing, manipulation, drama, trauma, or emotional upheaval.  As a professionally trained master couples relationship coach, I’ve helped couples save their relationship for over fifteen years.  Let me show you how to transform your relationship today.

Mother, Father, Siblings

The angst and trauma from familial relationships do not have to take a lifetime to resolve… Let me show you how to coexist with your family in a way that honors you and resolves any issue so that you can be free from angst, frustration, conflict, or worry.

Business and Work

Too many people hate their jobs… not because of the work they do… but because of the people, they do it with or for.  Let me show you how to create harmony at work so that you are energized, motivated, and appreciated.

As a business owner or service provider, being clear about your talents, skills, and unique approach is a direct link to your processes, operating procedures, website, sales, customers, and staff.  When you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, something is usually out of alignment.  Let me show you how to create self-honoring and nurturing systems … so that you feel fulfilled, productive, and become magnetically attractive.

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Dr. Dar (Ph.D.)

You will never have anyone as committed as I am to your success… in your life, work, and relationships. I am honoring, supportive, intuitive, nonjudgmental, and a stand for being your best self as your trusted advisor, success mentor and life coach.

I believe that when you feel good… you have a life you love, you are appreciated, and you attract more feel good experiences that make your life worth living, each and every day.

My name is Darshana Hawks… and I am known as Dr. Dar.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Darshana Rock

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