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I’m Dr. Dar:  Relationship Whisperer, Communication Wizard, and Stress Elimination Master.  If you are feeling stressed in any area of your life, you’ve come to the right place.  My specialty is in creating stress free living, working, and relationships.

If you are thinking or feeling any of the following things, then I invite you to create a new life paradigm for yourself. Get on the phone with me and let’s design a different state of being for you and your life. Your time is valuable, so let’s get this done for you today.

    I’m tired of being single, going on bad dates, and having relationships that end. How can I find my soul mate?

    I’m stressed out, overwhelmed and feel disconnected from my spouse and family. How can I save my relationships?

    I often struggle in my life. I want to design a life that I love and that loves me back.

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    • Attract Your Heart’s Desires in The Stress Free Attraction System.
    • Have happy, reciprocal marriages in The Stress Free Marriage Experience.
    • Create lives and work you love in the Loving Your Design program.
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      Stress Free Living and Loving
      Stress Free Living and Loving
      Stress Free Living and Loving

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      Stress Free Living and Loving
      Stress Free Living and Loving
      Stress Free Living and Loving
      Stress Free Living and Loving

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      I honor the privacy, confidentiality, and safety of my clients; therefore, their names and photos are disguised to protect their identify.

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      Wise, Truthful, Fair

      Darshana Hawks is a friend as well as an advisor. She’s the kind of friend that you need to have to be able to see yourself clearly, that other friends may not feel comfortable doing. Her gift of spiritual Truths come freely out of her during a conversation as if she’s been working and living these Truths most of her life. She embodies everything a Coach should be, in my opinion. Wise, truthful, sincere, loyal, fair, Honest, and most of all, Wise. What we look for in going to someone else for help in whatever areas we are working towards in our lives is someone who knows more than we do, that can already see the bigger picture. And Darshana is wise beyond her years, a true friend and coach that I am only too honored to have found.  – Laurel L.

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      It Worked!

      I tried Dr. Dar’s methods to find my soul mate and IT WORKED!  I categorically eliminated anyone who showed interest in me if they did not have a photo. Suddenly I got an email from a man who intrigued me, but no photo.  Remembering Darshana’s story of how she met her husband online, I took a deep breath and gave it a shot. We emailed a bit, spoke a bit and agreed to meet for lunch. When I met Mr. Wonderful he was not drop dead gorgeous but he was so “wonderful” that I was able to leave my superficiality at the door and begin to get to know the real man.  I am happy to report that it’s been a month and we’re still going strong. He’s definitely a keeper and I’m glad I followed Darshana’s advice.  – Sally C.

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      Singles Coaching Gave Me Insights

      Singles Coaching has given me insights that I can’t easily see for myself. I am already on a spiritual conscious path, yet when we are in it, it’s hard to see clearly. She is the eyes that have helped me to see those parts of me that need the love and forgiveness and insight that I lack. Relationships help you see those things about yourself, but when you aren’t in a committed relationship, it is hard to do the work you need or would like to do. Darshana is that and more.  – Rob P.

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      Break Bad Dating Habits

      Know Thyself – it’s a rule that I try to live by, but sometimes, you need help to understand yourself and how you tick.  The in-depth exercises in Dr. Dar’s course are extremely helpful. They are thought-provoking, and really give you the opportunity to do the work necessary to break bad dating habits and patterns.  This, of course, is necessary in order to move to the next level. Thanks to the `course, I can honestly say, I know myself better and feel confident that with the coaching I’ve received,  and I am on the right track to meeting the love of my life.  – Anna J.

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      This Is Real

      Wow!  Thank you so much for your work with me on Wednesday. I knew that there were some shifts going on with me while we were talking. When I woke early Thursday morning my words to myself were “this is real” and I knew that we had done the work I needed to do.  For your gift I thank you. I realize that within me there is more work to be done regarding my divorce, however, I feel much stronger and ready to lean into the healing that awaits.  – David L. (Interfaith Minister)

      Resolve Differences

      Darshana helped us find the good in each other. Both of us had felt that in our business experiences we had developed good listening skills. Unfortunately, the dynamics trying to practice those listening skills in a personal and emotional marriage left both of us with little trust and respect to truly listen and in turn to be heard. One of the most spectacular tools I brought away from Dr. Dar is the ability to see, forecast and watch myself slipping into a state of trying desperately to be heard while not listening at all. Darshana taught us to use a disciplined process for resolving differences. – Art L. (Engineer)

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      In Love Again

      I was moving out the weekend that my husband found Darshana to help us make a final effort to save our marriage. I felt the energy shift during our first session, and within weeks the new and wonderful changes started manifesting in our lives personally and in our relationship.  It feels as though a big stumbling block has been removed: a stumbling block that almost led us to separate. We are communicating better, we’re kinder to each other, and we enjoy being together again. We both treat each other respectfully … not because we “should”, but because we want to. Darshana assisted us in taking what feels like giant steps in our personal growth, which of course is reflected in our marriage.  We feel in love again. Darshana has been a blessing to our marriage. – Karen R. (Therapist)

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      I feel secure again

      With Darshana, I feel hopeful about my future and my relationship with my future partner. I also feel secure in knowing I have practical tools to use to continue to transform dating to find love and the thriving partnership I truly want with all my heart.  – Karen L. (Entrepreneur)

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      How to say it

      Sometimes all you need is someone to mention the obvious. Darshana does that and more. In a very short time, she has become a friend and big sister. I was scared to bring up a topic to my husband, thinking he would not be on the same page as I was. Darshana helped me realize that he could be – but there was no way to tell unless I asked. She coached me through the conversation and how to go about it – and today – I know that we do want the same things – all it took was a conversation. Thanks, Darshana! – Gretchen P. NC

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      Our marriage is saved

      Darshana helped us find the good in each other. The controlled climate of acceptance instead of tolerance and listening that Darshana helped us create allowed each of us to lay out our feelings and our needs without interruption. Darshana taught us to resolve our differences. We learned to stop attacking each other, accept each other, listen openly, and hear each other.  Our marriage is saved thanks to Darshana’s help. – Frank O. (Professional Coach)

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      No Agenda

      During our search for help with the problems we were having in our marriage, Darshana was the most effective, insightful, and inspirational “counselor” I ever experienced.  I was relieved that she had no agenda; she was dedicated only to help us find what was best for ourselves. She listened and helped us listen to each other and to our own hearts. When she spoke, she expressed her ideas kindly as options for us to consider, and at the same time she clearly pointed out to each of us the things we were avoiding.  She helped and guided us to be with our relationship and ourselves in a new way, aiding us to let the old way be a lesson of our past.  – Geoffrey R. (Teacher)

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      Cleaner Communication

      Since I was experiencing my current, 20 year relationship as less than wonderful, I hired Darshana to coach me and then to coach both my husband and me. Darshana’s work with us covered soup to nuts – meaning from grocery shopping to finances to dissecting a simple communication interchange to sex.  She accomplished in 2 days what 20 years of therapy did not.  After our work with Darshana, I began to notice that my communication with others was cleaner, more precise and I am learning to be clear about when agreements are made and what they really are and to be aware when they are left incomplete and what the results are. – Lorraine L. (Executive and Business Coach)

      Stress Free Living and Loving

      I Would Refer Her

      I have and would refer Darshana to others because of her commitment to her clients and the work that she does with purpose and clean intention. She produces in hours what it would take others months – even years. I have worked with many coaches and counselors and Darshana stands out because of her ability to listen behind the words and to ask the very laser-like questions that get to the heart of the matter in ways that allow the client to discover underlying patterns that have held them stuck for years. My daughter was in an abusive relationship and Darshana accomplished in 4 hours what a psychologist could not in 10 months! What is important to me isn’t so much the speed but the soundness and clarity of the coaching.   ~ Lorraine L. (Business Coach)

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