Nurture Your Nature™

Sustained Social Change Happens in Your Life and Your World

When You Nurture Your Nature™

Let’s build a better, love-conscious life and world…

Your way… 

With me by your side.

Dear Love Light

You want something else for yourself, your life, relationships, or work.  You just don’t know what that is.  You know where you are does not feel good or expansive… and you know there is something more… expansive… loving… than where you are right now… in this moment. You believe in serendipity, the power of love, and are ready to have magical support in all, one, or a few areas of your life.  Plus… You are passionate about humanity and our planet but the problems are too large to even start thinking about what you can do to transform them.

You get stuck in the how…

  • How to create change,
  • How to be uniquely you,
  • How to make different choices than the ones that are accessible to you right now,
  • How to create different results and magic in your own life,
  • How to have reciprocal, fulfilling and love-rich relationships,
  • How to have meaningful work… when you have to have an income to eat and survive,
  • How to thrive instead of survive,

How… How… How…

Here’s what I know right now… not having met you yet… about humanity…

We all live our life experiences in patterns called stories. Some of these patterns or stories recur repeatedly, and others are fleeting. We recognize and live these patterns through our stories in our lives.  Our stories are more colorful as we try to fit in and be like everyone else.  Experiencing and learning about these patterns so that we become conscious about where they are at play in our lives is transformational… It is a place to start… as we begin to reveal your answer to the question of How…

I invite you to take the Nurture Your Nature™ Quiz to embark on your path to being love conscious, nurturing your nature and being the butterfly effect that transforms your world and the world, one flutter at a time.

I see you  ~  I hear you  ~  I get you

It’s Time for You to Nurture Your Nature™!

Exploration, Emergence, and Expansion

Learn New Things

We learn rapidly.  We love learning new things or revisiting things we have already learned.  We learn for the joy of it or to make a valuable contribution to others.


Creating New Solutions

We don’t fit the one size fits all world.  Most models just don’t work for us.  We’re masters at creating hybrids, combinations, or other solutions that work for us and our situation or need.


We are able to adapt and morph as needed in any situation or circumstance.  It’s part of being flexible, agile, and ready to make a difference… to ourselves or for others.

Synthesizing Ideas

We take in lots of related or diverse ideas or information, process it and then put them into simple, digestible, or explainable concepts or just connect the dots. We make improvements or create something new as a result.  We are able to listen and respond to multiple simultaneous conversations.


We get bored with routine or monotony.  We thrive with variety in our relationships, work, and personal life.
We love learning about different topics throughout our lifetime.  We collect degrees and certifications, because if you’re going to learn it, you may as well get the piece of paper too.


Translating Modes of Thought

We often find ourselves being mediators, translators, or liaisons… between a variety of thoughts or ideas… and we have a way of communicating so that everyone understands.
We can find common ground when diverse opinions exist and agreement is needed.

A Smidge About Me

When you nurture your nature, you activate the magic of being happy, healthy, and whole.  Your relationships, work, and life become joyful and easy. You land safely, securely, and solidly in a life of Happy.Healthy.Whole.

As an In-Betweener (also known as scanner, multipotentialite, multi-faceted), I’ve spent half of my life trying to fit in, find love in all the wrong places, make myself be an expert in one thing, and be like everyone else.  I thought it would be easier to conform to avoid being bullied, targeted, envied and treated differently… and ultimately, at the price of my health.  I didn’t know anyone else like me… I felt so alone.  Does this sound familiar?  

I remember the first day I heard about scanners and multipotentialites. I wanted to meet them. As I spoke with multi-passionate people, many didn’t vibe with terms that had been used to differentiate them… they loved the name I coined… ‘In-Betweener’.

I’m devoted to you having work, life, and relationships that are designed for you to flourish.  I feel like I’ve been preparing to support you and your dreams my entire life!  Let’s make things happen!

Years in Business

Nurtured Lives


Happy Clients

Just For You Services

Life Coaching

Nurture Your Nature Life Coaching – a strategic approach where we collaborate so that you can nurture your nature in your life, relationships, and career so you can be happy, healthy, and whole.

Executive Coaching

Leaders often go against their natural grain in their life, work, and relationships to achieve and succeed.  Over time, in one or more areas of their lives… they begin to feel feel trapped, stuck, and unfulfilled.  Their default go to achievement/success techniques and coping skills are no longer sustainable…  they either stop making themselves do them or they no longer work.  The effect on themselves, their relationships, and their lives can be devastating and debilitating. It is time for you to Nurture Your Nature™ in your work, life, and relationships… Let’s create sustainable living, loving, and being in your life, together.

Magical Path to True Love

I find that adults unconsciously date with the memory of being a teenager.  Those feel good hormones are what we attach to into adulthood.  Which is why over 100 million singles are not finding their ideal date or life partner. The truth is… your words, thoughts, energy, and patterns all can pull your close to ideal mate to you or push them away. The Magical Path to True Love is all about activating words, thoughts, energy, and patterns that align you with your ideal mate so that you can enjoy the process of living life while seeking for your ideal.

Rescue 911

For those intense situations in life when you want to offload your thoughts and feelings, release energy, and create magical shifts.

Business Gap Coaching

Business owners hire specialists for each of the areas of their business from marketing, social media, copywriting, consulting, technology,  coaches, websites, and more.  The specialists focus on one area, but what is missing is the interconnectivity between the various requirements for your business.  Every component of you and your business is connected to each other.  That’s where I come in… I bridge the gaps. I understand the interconnectivity in all areas of business and work with business owners and their ‘specialists’ to create integrated solutions and desired results.

Couple's Appraisal

A relationship requires nurturing on a regular basis.  This program is for happy couples or couples who are having a smidge of trouble in their relationship.  The foundation of this program is using the magical power of appreciation to connect with each other more deeply and easily resolve any niggling issues with ease and joy.  Call this a weekly date with your mate (and me) to amp up your energy and activate the magical power of love in your lives.

Benefits of Working Together



Knowing you have someone you can count on… who is on your side… and who is committed to your success and being happy, healthy, and whole.


Higher Productivity

Get things done.  Make things happen.  All because you are aligned with your lifestyle priorities and are nurturing your nature.

Receive What You Desire

You learn how to receive… then receive what you asked for… it just may not look exactly like you originally thought it would… and you become happy, healthy, and whole.


Ultra Confident

Be ultra confident with being who you are and communicating your needs in your life, work, and relationships.


Magical Results

Know what you want to believe, conceive, and achieve.  Be unattached to the specific results.  Be delighted with the results that show up through our collaboration and connection.  It’s Magical!


Love Your Life

You will love who you are, love your life, and love your work.  And… you learn how to choose what you love and leave what you don’t… and feel great about it.

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