It’s a pleasure to meet you!

I am Dr. Dar, founder of the Love-Ability Quiz, Creator of the Love Consciousness Elevator, and Relationship Guide.

My Super Powers include:

1) The ability to sense, perceive, and feel the energy in the context of your relationships, decisions or choices, and environments that feel uncomfy or downright icky.  I transform the energy that’s present to create a RelationShift so that you feel comfy and illuminated.

2) The ability to consume volumes of information, digest, and process it…to bring it to you in a simple, pragmatic, and usable way.

3) Activating Love-Ability in your Self, relationships, work, and life.

4) The ability to see multiple perspectives that create shifts in mindsets, beliefs, and choices… resulting in wonderful connection and

Dr. Dar PictureMy Dating Story

Dear Little Girl,

I am your fairy god-angel sent to share the wisdom you will learn on your own and to honor your purpose in this lifetime on this glorious planet.

You will be on a journey to learn what love is and is not.  Your journey will be full of disappointment, heartache, break-ups, hurting others, hurting yourself, and charting your own path. Along the way, you will experience people and situations to their fullest with every part of your being. You’ll FEEL and it will scare you sometimes.

You will experience a diverse range of personalities, some healthy, some not.

You will be confused because of your heritage.  Your parents want what is best for you.  From their perspective, they believe it is best for them to choose your husband.  You will find that you are not aligned with the people they select for you.

You will try to be what your family wants you to be but at a very young age, your body just cannot do it, so you leave to make your own path towards love.   Click here to read the rest.

My HeartMy Heart - FlowerOfTheVenusCalligraphic

  • Empowers me as it guides me each day in my life, choices, relationships, and business
  • Inspires me to be generous with my time, support, and knowledge
  • Encourages and motivates me to keep moving forward with my mission to expand Love Consciousness on our planet
  • Is a daily reminder to keep stepping forward – one step at a time – in the space of Love
  • Creates the space to give and receive in reciprocity
  • Allows me to choose Love
  • Reminds me that choosing love allows expecting the unexpected – oooh lot’s of goodies, miracles, and alignment
  • Inspires me to create a community for In-Betweeners (because it does not exist and we need each other!).

My Business Principles & Philosophy

  • My business is grounded in love, reciprocity, and trust
  • I show up for my clients standing in love, with love, and for love
  • Building loving, reciprocal relationships is the foundation of my brand
  • I make a prosperous living to support my health and lifestyle
  • I support humanitarian and/or planet earth-nature related causes each month
  • My work provides abundant referrals
  • I continue to learn to fulfill my need for growth and give back to my clients
  • Building a Love Seeker Community is important to me
  • My work Activates & Expands Love Consciousness On Our Planet.

Let’s connect and learn about each other real-time, voice to voice…text and email are over-rated.

It’s so much fun to connect by voice or video!

My Story as an In-Beweener

What’s an In-Betweener?   

People who are not part of a herd, who don’t fit in the either/or, one size fits all world.

I was born on the southern part of the continent of Africa, schooled from age 4 to 11 in a Catholic school; raised in the Hindu religion; relocated to the United Kingdom during my adolescent years; moved to Georgia as a pre-teenager; tried a variety of religions, relationships, and communities…to find I did not fit in; lived in an arranged marriage culture where, as a female, duty and obligation and pleasing others was expected, at times demanded…and this is just the beginning…

Result = Confused Teenager and Young Adult.

And…I thought it would be cool to chart Owning My In-Betweener-ness in a cool bar chart.  Check it out!

  • In-Between Wellness and Environmental Influences 100%
  • In-Between Dating for a Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage 50%
  • In-Between Being Independent and Subservient 33%
  • In-Between Eastern and Western Ways 50%
  • In-Between Eastern and Western Religions 25%
  • In-Between Brown, Black, and White 0%
  • In-Between Being Paid Well in a Job and Doing What I Love 10%
  • In-Between Religion and Spirituality 0%
  • In-Between Birth Family and Chosen Family 50%
  • Owning Being an In-Betweener 100%