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A Smidge About Me

When you nurture your nature, you activate the magic of being happy, healthy, and whole.  Your relationships, work, and life become joyful and easy. You land safely, securely, and solidly in a life of Happy.Healthy.Whole.

Dr.Dar-29CI am energized when I nurture my own nature as are my clients.  I also know how hard it can be to be me in a world that is cookie cutter.  The world does not need more self-improvement or self-help.  The world needs you to be you, now more than ever.  I believe that you being you actually activates love.  This love is needed now more than ever.  We are trending towards a time of harmony after a long cycle of chaos… and a world where you can be who you are in communities that are aligned with who you are… where the value you bring and are is appreciated by people who get you… people who are worthy of you and your shining light.

I am proud to be an In-Betweener

An In-Betweener is a person who are not one way or another… they are a hybrid or blend of many.  For example:  we are left and right brained.  We are analytical and creative.  We have multiple talents and gifts that we excel in. We don’t thrive in environments that require focus on one thing… We absorb information quickly and are able to share it in creative ways in our work and life.  We pursue our diverse interests sequentially or simultaneously, or both.

We are also known as Multi-pods, Multipotentialites, Scanners, Slashers, Multi-Faceted, Renaissance Souls/Business, and Multi-Talented – terms that resonated with and coined by others.  I have discovered that the term In-Betweener resonates more for me and with the people in my circles more than the others.

In-Betweeners are natural mediators, coaches, peacemakers, and entrepreneurs because we see all perspectives, the details, and the big picture which gives us the unique ability to bridge gaps, solve problems, and create solutions that benefit the whole.  We look at the whole and not just one symptom or piece of the puzzle.  We bring our diverse range of knowledge, expertise, and tools to everything we do… ultimately benefiting those we work and collaborate with.

What I Do

One of my clients called me their Relationship Wizard and said when being interviewed on tv ‘I don’t know everything she has in her bag of tricks but what she does works. She is always pulling things out of her hat and it’s just the right thing for us when she does’.

I also had a few managers, when I was working in Corporate, say ‘go do your magic’ in reference to my technical, relationship building, people and task organization, and project management acumen… that I could not describe or teach in a how to document.

My clients know and love that I am multifaceted in my expertise… they also know that I will do the research and learn additional ways to be of value to them if necessary or requested.

I have melded my multi-talents in my business under the theme of Nurture Your Nature as a Relationship Coach, Online Technology Advisor (including WordPress hosting and Website maintenance), Employee Coach/Advocate, and an Unconventional Project Manager who helps businesses get things done.

Who I Work With

  • As a life and relationship coach for women over 35, who are into self-improvement and self-help and have yet to experience the transformation they dream about, I help single women learn how to find their loving life partner. I move in with couples to help save their marriage – in as little as 2-3 days, the couple knows what they need to do to save their relationship and they choose whether to stay or go… they finally get off the fence.  I am passionate about helping couples nurture their nature, resolve conflicts and have deeper connection in their relationship.
  • As an online business manager and technology nerd, I help soulpreneurs with their technology strategy, ensuring they are making wise investments while they build their businesses, and help them understand what technology they need vs don’t need at various stages of their businesses.  I host and support their WordPress websites, and am called in as a fixer, sadly more often than not, when their sites have been tampered with by administrative type peeps.
  • As a coach who advocates for employees who are being targeted or are anxious when having to meet with HR, or don’t feel supported by their manager, I am resource they can count on to hear them, support them, and help them create a different picture than what they are imagining… one based on value and not their fear.
  • As a project manager, I help heart and employee centered business owners and companies get their projects completed with quality, agility, and results.  I unify the subject matter experts, the team responsible for the doing, around the objectives, learn who they are and their strengths… and we get a lot done because I respect and leverage their multi-talents, passions, and skills

Why This Matters to Me

Most brown girls from a culture of historic subservience, who are pushed to become doctors, or marry one, didn’t end up working in Fortune 500 companies as a teenager.  They don’t date to find a life partner who aligns with who they are… one who is from another culture… and instead go the arranged marriage route.  They don’t walk away from six-figure jobs to go full time in their business of people and relationships. They don’t talk about their relationships much less hire a coach or go see a therapist. They don’t stand up to bullies, and fight for their rights when discriminated against.  They don’t make waves, stand up for people, or become skilled in many areas… they focus on one thing career wise and on family.  And they certainly don’t get a Dr. in front of their name if they are not an M.D.

I found my life partner within six weeks of writing my own strategy for dating in order to find a hubby… it is a process to find love and being loved.  I find so many singles struggling with being lonely, believing in love stories, and wanting their prince/princess charming or knight in shining armor… some date, other’s have given up.  I too was that person.  My magical process worked for me and it has also made dreams come true for hundreds of singles who have hired me over the last fifteen years.

Marriage takes more than love… couples actually approach me to help them resolve big and small issues in their relationship – they want to save their relationship or marriage… and have heard about my ‘move in with couples to save their relationship’ service that is one of a kind.

As for the project management, technology advisor, and employee advocacy… that’s a longer story… here’s a synopsis:

I’ve invested decades working in Corporate America, mostly as a Project Manager in title with more expansive roles than the title suggests.  I am a relational project manager and leader who was able to create unity and produce results where others had failed. I was able to do that because of my multi-faceted approach to life and work.  This is where I learned about various technologies and am a tech nerd for sure.  I am a rapid learner, synthesizer, organizer, people rally-er, and I make things happen. 

Companies seek me out when their projects are not getting done for one reason or another and they know I can bring them to a close with quality with their team of implementers, especially when their projects are in danger of failing.

After becoming an entrepreneur and coach, I saw business owners invest thousands of dollars over time into technology that did not align with their strategy, growth plans, their business needs, or what their clients would benefit from… this inspires me to help businesses create a technology strategy, ensuring they are making wise investments while they build their businesses, and help them understand what technology they need vs don’t need at various stages of their businesses.

Then, my Corporate life changed quickly because I took a stand for myself and others… as a non-Christian brown girl, I was bullied and discriminated against by other girls believe it or not, and the boys who rallied around them… for being different, for succeeding in areas where they or their girls had failed.  I learned the hard way there is no one on your side other than yourself in the Corporate world… it was virtually impossible to find someone to talk to or help me inside the company much less outside the company.  That inspires and fuels me to be a resource and coach to employees who are struggling at work due to bullying, targeting, or other things find ways to succeed in a world that does not align with who they are.

What to do next

Let’s figure out how I can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute date with Dr. Dar call.

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