Do You Think You’re Always in Trouble?



Dr. Dar

What the F@IU#@ have I done now?

There is nothing like feeling like you’re a people pleaser
in trouble at work!

This was the 3rd time I was called to HR.  A meeting invitation shows up in my inbox from the dreaded HR lady known as the the ‘Hatchet Lady”.

What’s this about.  There is nothing in this invitation to let me know what it is about… how the frig can I be prepared ahead of time?

I Hate Feeling Like I am in Trouble at Work…

There is NO Map for this!

Sweating It, Anxiety, Worry, Concern Map As A People Pleaser

Freaking out inside… with a ball of anxiety working its way into a heavy boulder that’s ready to implode.

Breathe, I tell myself.  Breathe.

Wait to hear what they say.

It could be nothing.  You’re just making it worse.  You don’t know anything yet.

I start picking at my cuticles on my thumb… and chewing at them too.

How long do I have to wait for this meeting… GARGH… 3 frigging days plus a whole weekend!!! 

The meeting is on Monday afternoon. 

Whew, it’s not on Friday afternoon.  Everyone knows they fire people on Friday afternoons.   I am not getting fired.

A bit of relief settles into my belly.


In Trouble At Work - Dr. Dar Hawks

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I just have to wait this out.

My friends say, don’t worry about it… just wait till the meeting… It’s probably nothing…

That’s not helpful… even though I know they love me and are supporting me…

Heck they don’t know what to do or say either.

I still feel out of control.

I am still feeling like I am in trouble at work.

Again… those jealous mean girls must be at it again.

Their bullying, cliques, lies, and manipulation works on so many people, especially the higher ups.

I see through it, why can’t anyone else?

I have to go through the entire day for 3 days… all day Friday… all weekend… and a few hours on Monday before the meeting happens.

There are no details in the meeting invitation.  My manager knows nothing, or says s/he does not know anything.

The mental and emotional anguish for almost 5 days is excruciating.

No matter how busy I make myself, that meeting finds its way into the forefront of my mind… the anxiety sets in again…

The worry is overwhelming…

Wondering what I did wrong.

Wondering if this time, I am getting written up…

Or Worse… Fired.

If this is something you feel… the details may not be exactly the same… but the feelings and the experience is similar…

I am on your side.

As your advocate…

I will give you tried and true strategies to not only make it through the waiting time with less worry and anxiety… but also show up in the meeting as a confident employee who knows what to say and when.

Don’t wait.  Get in touch with me and let’s get you into a calm, prepared, confident, and ready state.

And… while you’re in the midst of this angst, or are on the way to inner calm and peace, take the Feel Good Superpower Quiz to learn about The Human Operating System. It will help bring some logic and practicality to balance out the feels you’re feeling right now to welcome the map of happiness.

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