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Am I Ready for a Relationship Quiz Deep Dive

A 1 on 1 Session with Dr. Dar to up level any quiz statements where you responded with a disagree or strongly disagree

Relationship Ready Deep Dive - Quiz Takers - Dr. Dar Hawks
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A deeper dive into any quiz answers where you responded with a disagree or strongly disagree.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this session be?

Please set aside at least 45 minutes for your session. Have a tall glass of water with you along with your journal and favorite pen.

What will be done in this session?

Using your Am I Ready for a Relationship quiz responses, we’ll review any statements you disagree or strongly disagree with.  If you have more than 3, I suggest you prioritize which ones you would like us to focus on.  The goal for this session is to provide you with transformational coaching such that you shift to agree with the statement and uplevel your score getting you from disagreeing to agreeing with ease.

Do I have to rehash my past?

For me to understand your life experience, I’ll ask you to share your perspective on what happened, how it impacted you, and how it affects you today.  This is a coaching session, not a therapy session.  The goal is to get you from point a to point b with ease through dialogue, coaching, and actionable steps.

Can I get more time with you after this session?

This is a special one-off session for anyone who has taken the Am I Ready for a Relationship Quiz.  I also offer two courses to further your up-leveling.  And, yes… you can book more sessions with me as I truly am committed to you having an amazing life and relationships.

I have another question for you that’s not listed here.  How can I contact you?

Please email or schedule a time on my calendar by clicking here or contact at the top of the page.

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