As a Gen-X woman, I have not had conversations with all the men that came into m…



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As a Gen-X woman, I have not had conversations with all the men that came into my life that needed to be had…

About what it’s like for a pre-teen brown girl moving to the States in the mid-70’s…

The getting beaten up walking home from school by a gaggle of bullying mean girls.

The 11 year old kid who told me weekly that I was going to hell.

How much harder I had to work to succeed at school and at work.

How that pissed off all the other girls… because I made them look bad.

How I tried to have conversations with my managers to let them know perhaps I was doing my job and they weren’t… but was the one who got reprimanded.

But now, I see those girls were all just trying to make it… to succeed… in a man’s world.

Then, theres not feeling comfortable… talking about topics that made other people uncomfortable… you know taboo topics like…

Female health
Menstruation – when, how it feels, etc.
The dreaded mammogram machine
What it’s like to get on the table for a GYN check up.

There is so very much to say… you and I have a great deal of catching you, the men in our lives, up on… what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s world.

It’s time for us to start talking, sharing, and asking for a new deal, one that honors and supports women from the men around us… and the women who enable them.

It’s time to be honest, and share openly. Without fear, or shutting down, or feeling unheard, or even the concern of them not seeing or acknowledging our perspective.

But how… how do we even find the words… how do you start a conversation describing your period… in vivid detail… the day it first started… to now… and how you just have to suck it up and go to work or school.

Well, I can help you with the words, the energy, and the how.

To change the trajectory of this country, it is time we start talking…

If this is you…
I invite you to schedule a time for us to talk.
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