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Dr. Dar

I Invite You To Stop Being Vulnerable

Today we are talking about: Vulnerability, Being Vulnerable, and What it really means.

Plus an invitation for you to stop being vulnerable, start being invulnerable, connect with the energy and power of self-love and thrive in all your relationships.

Because, when you’re invulnerable, nothing can hurt you… so nothing can stop you from being open, honest, and standing up for yourself.

Be Vulnerable With Dr. Dar

I believe that words have immense power and that power can be healthy and whole or can do damage to ourselves and others. stop being vulnerable

For my entire life, I have bristled when I hear someone of high regard in the world teach and promote vulnerability.  I now understand why. stop being vulnerable

You see, I was brought up in a culture where women have their defined and expected role in the home, in a world where women are still disempowered by others, in a world where women are hurt, pained, attacked, abused, wounded, treated less than whole and worthy.  I am standing for self-love, understanding, compassion, open-mindedness, harmony, and reciprocity.  

Opening ourselves up to love and be loved can be one of the most difficult things to do in a world that is more connected than it has ever been and simultaneously more isolated than ever… because we were taught to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability and love are opposing forces.

Learn more in the podcast. Click the yellow play button now. stop being vulnerable

Listen to “Ep.6 – Stop Being Vulnerable and What Being Vulnerable Really Means – It’s Not What You Think!” on Spreaker.

Strengthen Your Relationships

You are a compassionate, generous partner who wants better communication with your loved one so you can have a conflict-free relationship where your partner shows they care in a way that leaves you feeling loved, heard and emotionally supported.  Understanding your and your partner's relationship language will help you receive the love, understanding, and connection you desire in all your relationships.


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