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When You Become Relationship Ready

You align with and attract more of what you want.

Here are a few examples of betrayal by a spouse or life partner:

  • Suspicion of or discovering they are having or had an affair
  • Lying about or withholding day to day things, and the big things
  • Being blamed and accused of being the one that gave you the infection when you are the faithful one
  • Obstinate denial of betrayal, even though you have proof
  • Saying they will change and stop, but don’t… and you keep being hopeful they will change… one day
  • Staying in the relationship withers your self-esteem and worth into a speck of dust
  • Being controlled and manipulated for their needs and wants
  • Using money… or love as conditions (weapons) for staying in the relationship
  • Use your words against you… and activate your fears intentionally
  • Maintaining emotional connections with their ex… and not having one with you
  • Utter selfishness
  • An inability to see or understand the perspectives and feelings of others
  • Repeatedly breaking their word
  • Dishonoring and disrespecting you and others

Betrayal is the breaking or violation of an agreement, or a presumptive contracttrust, or confidence that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations. 

In the process of trying to make sense of the betrayal,

here are some of the ways we betray ourselves

  • Desperately wanting to put the broken pieces of the relationship back together again… but you’re the one making the effort
  • Doubting yourself… questioning your sanity
  • Keeping the betrayal to yourself… because you are embarrassed or ashamed
  • Holding the weight of keeping the family and extended family together… because they don’t know… and you’re scared about what they will do if they did know
  • Keeping a happy public-facing face while you’re dying inside
  • Mental and emotional anxiety
  • Inability to sleep, tossing and turning… especially on days you are reminded of the betrayal
  • Not knowing who to trust
  • Don’t want to rock the boat, because you know what it’s like to stay… you don’t know what leaving or changing it looks like
  • Disregarding or diminishing your needs and requirements for the sake of the relationship
  • Expecting apologies or emotional support with someone who is incapable, unable, or unwilling to give them. 
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Hello! I’m Dr. Dar

The Feel Good Alchemist

Even reading this page is hard to do when you’re in pain.  You hurt in your belly, heart, and your mind is so heavy, you cannot think clearly.

I understand… deeply.  

Let me share why…

The memory of hearing my fiancé on the phone with his ex-girlfriend, who was married and never planned to leave her husband, is still here with me.

That betrayal, the lying, the cheating, the words and actions being opposites of each other. 

I went outside and sat in my car… just to get away from him.

He came outside and asked me to come in.  I said no.

I said I was done.  He said he would leave.

That was that. 

Then, I had to face…

The humiliation and embarrassment of having to tell my family after the beautiful Indian Engagement Ceremony they had done for us.

This was not the last time I would experience this sort of betrayal.  Apparently, I needed to have more in a few more relationships.

Today, I sit here knowing that those gut gnawing experiences were part of my real life training… followed by educational training… that brings me to you now.

Helping women and couples find inner peace, calm, listening, and effectively communicating during extreme stress in their relationship is my magical talent.  I am here for you.

Whether you stay or go… matters not. 

Being able to connect and communicate is what matters right now.  Your peace-of-mind, clarity, confidence, and calmness is what matters right now. 

Then, you and I can explore options and get more information into what ‘working it out’ could look like.  Rebuilding the relationship with yourself comes first.

Let’s chat to first see if Relationship Rebuild is for you!

And I invite you to get plugged into your innate power source of f-empowerment love, belonging, thriving, fun, and freedom.

P.S.  Besides having a sh*ton of relationships gone sour from my past, I’m also trained to work with couples and families from all walks of life, you should know that I walk my talk. I’ve been working with couples to save their marriage since 2003… and I’ve been happily married for twenty-one years… I attribute that to the inner work I have done and the tools and techniques that I will share with you, that I use daily in my relationships.


What Women Say

I’ve realized that what I fear about meeting partner prospects is being the empowered one! I’ve been conditioned to believe it’s easier to be a victim of circumstance and other people’s choices. Now I am given the opportunity to be the one to decide who and what works for me. It takes courage!  I now have a clear picture of what I want and more importantly how to get it.

After I completed Dr. Dar’s Relationship Readiness program, I easily wrote my Match.com profile from the heart and included some things I had learned about myself and what I am looking for. I got so many responses from men that told me they could sense my wisdom, maturity and openness by reading my profile! That really boosted my self-esteem too, knowing that it’s attractive to be authentic.  I also attracted men who were more in alignment with who I am and what I want in my life.   

It was easy to get to know Dr. Dar right away because she is very open and kind. She is very receptive and responsive and seems to be able to sense the situation even after only having known us for a relatively short period of time. She is always upbeat, approachable, honest and positive.

If you really want to create change in your life, this is worth the investment!  I highly recommend Dr. Dar’s Relationship  Readiness System.  It is Fantastic!

Here is the audio version: 

Amy P.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Dar and the Relationship Readiness System. It’s about so much more than dating. I really found myself.

After ending a five-year marriage with the person I had built not only a life but also a business and career with, it was hard to conceive of “getting back out there.” I had many concerns about judgment for pursuing the program before our divorce was finalized (despite a long prior separation).  I

As a result of The Relationship Readiness System, I started connecting with new people for the first time in seven years! Finally, I can identify more consciously how I want to connect, and who I want to connect with. I am more self-aware of my own superpowers, requirements, needs, and desires.

Dr. Dar was patient and reassuring even before I signed up for the program! Her wisdom, energy, and guidance are the magical ingredient that makes this program unlike anything else.

Beyond that, I had so much self-discovery through the questions and exercises she created. The way everything came together toward the end had exponential results! I am now solid in my relationship with myself, and my understanding of what I want as I move forward with dating and relationships.

I’ve started to meet prospective partners who meet my requirements, and far beyond! I’m enjoying the experience and learning more about what I want, and I feel like a whole new person!

Dr. Dar’s energy, encouragement, and wisdom, the cumulative impact of the program components as it progresses, how much awareness I’ve gained about myself and what I want, and the fact that I’ve met some amazing people since diving back into pursuing relationships again after seven years!

Sarah M.

I am so blessed to have met you.  Before I participated in the Relationship Readiness System, I was isolated during the holidays, did not even go out with friends, stayed in my safe zone with my family and cried a lot because I was lonely and wanted to be and have love in my life again.  I was scared of being hurt again. 

Now, after just 2 weeks in the Relationship Readiness System, I actually took myself out on a date for lunch.  I have not done that in over 15 years. I experienced shifts that I never thought I could or would before I met you and experienced your energy and work.


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Be Relationship Ready - Before Diving Into Your Next One, So You Are Ready for The One
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