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If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, please shoot me a quick email to see if I can offer some support.  I help people pleasers thrive because we make the world a better place… and the world needs us now more than ever.  I am happy to help. 

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That help people pleasers to thrive

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for people pleasers, givers, and conscious service providers

I am a modern day polymath which means I am person who knows a lot about many different subjects

I have a unique ability to be holistic (deals with and coaches the whole person and not separate parts of them) as a life, relationship, and business coach in combination with my expertise in Corporate, Business, Technology, Metaphysics, and Relationships brings a level of understanding, compassion, and service to you that is unprecedented. 

With a healthy balance of professional training + life experience in all of these domains of knowledge, I have an uncanny ability to get things done in a short span of time than you may be accustomed to. help people pleasers thrive

If you want a life coach who focuses on you as a whole person, totally gets you, honors you, and is committed to your success, I am your person. help people pleasers thrive

Learn how to tap into the relationship you have with your body (it’s wisdom) , and your environment to feel good and thrive in your life

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Relationship Coaching for people pleasers in relationships with people who are not people pleasers, empaths, sensitive, or emotional

help people pleasers thrive

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Thriving Business Coaching and Technology Services
for people pleasers, givers, and conscious service providers

help people pleasers thrive

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” You are a divine soul who has landed on this page through energetic alignment.  I am here to help you thrive in all areas of your life… whether it’s with communication, relationships, feeling good about yourself, creating systems to automate your business, finding your dream clients online, or just a connection chat.  I’m here for you.  For Real! “

– Dr. Dar



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For the nurturing of your people pleasing heart, mind and soul.

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How to Do a Relationship Reset for People Pleasers

Knowing How and When to Do A Relationship Reset  Can Be the Difference BetweenHaving Harmony or Walking on Eggshells You see black stripes and the other person, your partner, coworker, friend, family member or acquaintance sees white stripes. And neither of you can...

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