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The Be Stress Free Podcast

Stress of Being Single, Dating, and Finding Your Life Partner

Today we are talking about:  Dating, how we’ve been duped about what it is by following a one size fits all box disguised as a custom solution… along with 1 step you can take to feel good about it

I believe that if each person had less stress in their lives, our world would be more harmonious.  To me stress is the source of all that is wrong in our world, does not feel good, and causes people to be mean or mistreat people.  I know when I am stressed, my emotions are off kilter, and I don’t communicate, make choices, or act in a way that produces the results I seek or want and it makes others not feel good.

The dream of having and being in a loving, respectful, long-term relationship can cause immense stress just about every day.

And this dream starts when we are teenagers.

Heck, I still have firm memories of going to the skating rink (yes, now I am dating myself) and sitting on the sidelines during the couples skating sessions watching everyone skate.  I felt so alone.  And yet, when the very few occasional brave person stopped by to ask me to skate, I would not say yes.  I now realize that was more about fear, doubt, lack of clarity, and if I were to be brutally honest with myself, it was more about judgment and fast forwarding to a relationship with this person in my head and all the reasons why it would not work out… so just say no now.  All of this happened within fractions of a second in my head… and gosh be darn – it was just 1 invitation to skate with someone.  Crazy, how our minds do so much processing that results in being stuck or in a struggle.

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