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Being Vulnerable and What It Really Means

It’s Not What You Think!

Being Vulnerable & Vulnerability - Dr. Dar

Being Vulnerable does not mean being open minded, open hearted, loving, allowing yourself to learn and experience life, courageous, brave or anything else you might have associated with this word.

Words have energy and either contribute to feeling good or bad.

Being vulnerable is not a feel good word, does not bring the best out in you, is not helpful, and does not have an iota of inspiration or encouragement in its meaning.

One of my pet peeves is the promotion of being vulnerable and vulnerability, especially to women. Learn the real meaning of the word vulnerable, it’s root and origins, and how it has not helped women be stress free and fulfilled.  It has done an immense disservice to the spirit, soul, and well-being for women.

Learn more in the podcast. 

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