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Stop Pining For Your Past

The Past Is Important… But…

Not In The Way We Are All Conditioned To Think About It


Better than Pining for Your Past

I do not think exhaling or pining for your past is healthy

I do think leveraging what we know about the past is healthy

What I mean by leveraging the past..

It is the first week in a new year and thoughts about our past year  or thoughts about saying goodbye and ending the past year are stronger than ever…

I, too, found myself elated that the year was over and that I could begin a new year, a new chapter, and a new outlook on my life, relationships, work, and business.

Then I did not… here’s why…

I experienced a shift on New Year’s Eve. 

The Shift

I found myself missing some people and experiences… pining for the past.

I found myself missing my house and city I am in the process of moving away from. 

I found myself missing some people at my old place of work.

I found myself missing things that ultimately were unhealthy for me… I just had been immersed in those experiences for a very, very, long time. Of course, I knew at a deep level that going back to the way things were… was an illusion… going back based on a picture or memory in my head… would not result in me having the exact same experience… because I had already experienced that past, I had already learned from it, and the things I was recalling were snippets of the good feeling stuff.

Then… I felt a shift.

It was not that I was missing those things… it just felt like missing or loss or pining… 

It was that certain aspects of those things… I wanted to create anew in my life going forward.  

I realized that when I am missing things or people… or I am wishing I could go back…

I was not really missing or wishing them back…

It is that I want to create and design aspects of those things in my life now and going forward.


My past experiences gave me knowledge and information to design and create the new in my life… leaving out the things that did not serve me, others, or my life in the highest and best ways… and adding the things that did serve me, others, and my life in the highest and best ways for all.

This was a powerful shift for me… it is so subtle… because we have been programmed to miss things that feel oooh so good… and sweep the not good stuff under the rug because… there was that good thing or time… and then feel guilt or remorse…

I invite you to make this subtle shift.  Use the power, knowledge, and information from your past… bring what serves you and will result in creating the live you desire… into the present and future… 

There’s magic awaiting you in Creating and Designing Your Life!

#SelfLove #BeStressFree

From my heart to yours,
Dr. Dar

Better than Pining for Your Past
Better than Pining for Your Past