Can you change your life, really? Can we get real about this?



Dr. Dar

Can we finally get real about this?

Can you really “change” your life if you’re a people pleaser?

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First, let’s talk about what a healthy people pleaser is…

We are:

  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Compassionate
  • Genuine
  • Emotional
  • Sensitive
  • Loving
  • Supportive
  • Caring
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • And… We love helping others

This may not be a “how to win friends” thought, but it has to be said.

The reason you’re still not seeing those changes you want in your life is because…well…

…you’re still trying to make changes the way other people do… and other people may not have all the qualities of a healthy people-pleaser.

Think about it for a minute:

If you’re still googling the same old things like “how to be happy” or “how to change my life” and desperately pleading to the google gods to show you different answers than the ones you’ve spent hours reading (because you’ve tried it already and it hasn’t worked for you)…

…then maybe it’s time for a new definition.

One that doesn’t induce those “eye-rolling” reactions every time your well-meaning BFF, partner, or even parent, has the audacity to ask you how “things” are going.

(My life feels like I’m going through the same motions and not going anywhere…it’s like groundhog day…every…single…day. How do you think it’s going?!)

So if this whole change your life for the better thing is just an endless practice of stress, self-doubt, and cartons of Ben & Jerry’s hoping it makes you feel good…

…why wouldn’t you be open to changing the narrative?

…one that empowers you to feel good on a deeper more sustainable level?

…one that doesn’t force you into a phony “everything is fine” smile every time someone questions your actions?

…one that actually gives you a taste of this whole “life is good” thing every guru with an Instagram account has been going nuts over for the last decade?

The truth is…

There are bunches of women just like you who live this reality each and every day.

But they didn’t get there by giving in to the here-today-gone-tomorrow mindset fads or trying to see the answers at the bottom of an ice-cream container.

They got there by FIRST declaring themselves “ready for a life that honors their energy and uniqueness.”  

…and then learning practical life and mindset shifts that open the gates to a deeper level of abundance and happiness.

They didn’t solely rely on affirmations or mantras.

But also brought in the simple energetic, principles and strategies that changed the way they thought about themselves, their life, and what matters most.

“A woman searching for change” → “A changed woman”

That’s a topic for my next article.

This antiquated perception that you need to “be what others want you to be”  in order to have a fulfilled life…  In order to help others… and honoring the wonderful qualities of being a people pleaser instead of changing themselves to suit the outside world.

Here’s the link to that article that will show you a more reflective framework for making and sustaining lasting change in your life.

Till then…

Being honest from my heart to yours,
Dr. Dar

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