Your Choice Motivation


What is My Choice Making Motivation 

in My Life and Relationships?


We make choices all the time, whether we are conscious of it, or not.  You have a choice maker in you and it is something so powerful that it motivates you to make the choices you make. The problem is that individuals are unconscious about this super power… their choice making motivation.

Being clear about why you (and others) behave the way you do but also how you can learn to take control of your life to get more of what you want has everything to do with your choice motivation.  And… being stuck, having doubts, struggle, making choices that ended badly, or even not having the results you want in your life and relationships is connected with your motivation and choices… and the associated energy behind that choice motivation.

We have one primary and one secondary need woven into our genes… in our nature… that drives us to choose, consciously or unconsciously.  Knowing your primary and secondary motive for making the choices you make equips you with the self-awareness to consciously create joy, ease, abundance, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

There are 5 primal motivations distilled into 5 words that ‘today’s human’ invokes to choose the way they do in their lives.  Choice making occurs before action or movement.  We have all 5 inherently as motivations; however, there is 1 primary and 1 secondary that is more active.

I want you to review your life and any scenarios that show up for you (they can be a combination of feel good and not feel good scenarios).  As you contemplate those scenarios (in any area of your life, including relationships), ask yourself what motivated you to make that choice in that moment.  Please keep in mind that this is about ‘your motive or motivation’ that resulted in the choice you chose to make.  As you contemplate, see which words are aligned with your motive behind the choices you made.

Now, rank each word below from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most predominant motivation and 5 being the least.  You will use each number only one time.

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