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What the Christmas Holiday Means to Me

Every year I during the end of year holidays, I design my own time and being/doing instead of going with the status quo or standard.  My Superpower is all about love and belonging and I give and receive that with my family, my life, myself, and in my business. 

I am empowered to choose what to do with the time off when the rest of the country is off as well. 

It is a blessing to me because I have time away from everyone and everything during that time other than my immediate family and my friends. (Want to know what lifestyle priorities and what your choice superpower is?  Take the Quiz)

Make This Holiday Season Your Self Love and Self Care HoliDay!

I hope this is of value to you.  Drop a comment to let me know what you are doing this holiday season.

From my heart to yours,
Dr. Dar

What the Christmas Holiday Means to Me
What the Christmas Holiday Means to Me