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About Dr. Dar

Welcome Dear One,

I’m Dr. Dar, The Relationship Superpower Coach, and I help emotional, sensitive, intuitive, creative and smart women have remarkable relationships and lives. 

The world desperately needs each of us to:

  • Ensure our requirements and needs are met
  • Communicate in a way that honors ourselves while also honoring others
  • Align with our highest good and make choices from that space
  • Transform energetic and emotional baggage or trauma into love
  • Nurture our nature
  • Create harmony in our interactions with others, even when it feels contentious or out of alignment
  • Know when to walk away, do it with grace, and feel great about it
  • Model all of the above for everyone else in our lives

 So that our world becomes peaceful once again.  Our world is desperately calling on YOU to rise to your highest good and be the example of compassion, connection, understanding, acceptance, and love. I believe that we, the women of this world, are the models and the example of how to be in and do relationships.  Let’s be honest, we are the transformation agents of love, compassion, acceptance, and understanding.

That’s why I am passionate about sharing what I have learned, step by step in a system, that is not taught in popular books, schools, teachers, or even at home.  This knowledge is simple to put into action naturally, does not take decades to learn, and works for anyone who is willing to use it in their lives.

 Get on the phone with me, feel better in minutes, and let’s get your relationship superpower working for you in your relationships and life.

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