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About Dr. Dar

Welcome Divine One,

I'm Dr. Dar, Energy Alchemist and messenger for The Relationship Superpower Approach to life and relationships. I help:

  • Singles summon their soulmate
  • Couples save their relationship
  • Women feel good about themselves, their lives, work, and relationships by honoring their nature, loving themselves, their lives, work, and relationships.

My clients call me their magic feel good wand, relationship and life coach, or their weekly booster shot.  I bring harmony, clear thinking, feeling good, joy, ease, and desired results and outcomes to everyone I connect with.  It's not about working, it's about honoring and having.

I believe happy relationships equates to being a happy person and having a happy world. 

I am a student of life, love, communication, relationships, environmental energy (moon, elements, planets, and energy) and Human Design. I love people, their moods, nature and relationships. After a twenty-five year career in project management and expertise as a coach (business, executive, relationship, life, and spiritual), I've brought all my education and expertise home into one simple system I call The Relationship Superpower Approach. I created The Relationship Superpower™ Approach starting with Dr. Glasser's work in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.  I found that many models did not stand on their own in my own life.  So, true to my nature, I now bring in other models such as Human Design as a body energy map, Environmental Influences such as four elemental theory and the energy of the moon, eastern and western astrological patterns and archetypes - to bring deep understanding to what it is to be you as a human, to remove self-blame or self-criticizing, and replace it with self-awareness and worth.

I am here to help you shed the shackles that create struggle in your life and relationships so that you can experience your divinity, freedom, joy, ease, empowerment, and thrive in your life, relationships and work.  My work involves honoring your nature and patterns, alignment with what you want in your life and relationships, and addressing thoughts, feelings, and moods as energetic forms that are not serving your highest good.  It is a simple way to transcend the old and embrace the truth in you. 

I am an advocate for all types of relationships and help people create remarkable relationships with self, couples, and other interpersonal relationships.  I don't psychoanalyze or judge you.  I do not resonate with the word teacher because teachers tell you what they know, they instruct.  I believe you have had more than enough instruction and teaching in your life, which is distinct from learning.  I believe learning is a journey, not a destination. 

I believe in the power and energy of love.
I believe in feeling good.
I believe in you. 

I see you.  I honor you.  I love you!

Credentials:  MBA & Ph.D.
Certifications: PMP, Relationship Coach (Singles and Couples), Spirit in Business Coach, Life & Spiritual Coach.
Student of: Metaphysics, Communication, Relationships, Energy, Astrology, Choice Theory, Astro Psychology, Depth Psychology, Ontology, Human Design, the Moon, the Five Elements, and Living in the Now.

I am here to re-connect you with your genius, brilliance, unique energy flow, and to create the results you desire in your life, work, and relationships. 

Get on the phone with me today to feel good about yourself, your life, your work and your relationship in minutes.