A Dating Story

Two decades ago I was curled up on the floor of my home wailing for hours. I never knew I could cry, sob, or make alien noises like that. That morning I had learned that my fiance was still seeing his ex.

The humiliation, shame, and devastation I felt knowing my family had an engagement ceremony for us a week or so ago.

I knew it was over for good.  I felt completely unlovable.

What’s Wrong With Me?

frog ask heart

I remember laying my forehead on the wooden slats of my floor yelling what the hell is wrong with me? Why am I so unlovable? Why do these types of things keep happening to me?

When I had left a puddle on the floor of salty tears and yep, snot…I still found smidgens of energy to leave some more lovely stuff on my floor…for several more hours.

crying eyes out

Finally, I stopped and just lay there on my back looking up at the ceiling for what felt like days… unable to move.

The Voice

I heard a voice within say, ‘You’re not going to let this get in the way of your search for love and love-ability are you?’

That voice would not shut up…it kept nudging, and niggling, and pestering…like a record player stuck in one spot…  It was effective!  The voice knew I would not be able to lay there without getting frigging annoyed.

The voice kept nagging away at me…  it felt like a bee buzzing in my ear…

bee scared of love

‘You have been successful in your education, career, and anything you set out to do once you set your mind to it. What’s different about this situation?

If you want to be love and be loved back, you are the one who has to do and be different’.

As much as I wanted to shut that voice down…

I knew it was my voice and it was time for me to choose to do be different.

Creation and Mindset Shift

I turned on some music…

I don’t recall what or who was singing… I was in a fog…

I grabbed some paper and a pen.

Then I reverse engineered the steps I had taken to make an A in college, the steps I took to win the President’s Club award at work resulting in a wonderful trip to St. Thomas, the steps I took to leave one job and be hired by one of my customers for 100% pay raise.

Those were the days!

You see, I knew I had the skills to do/be relationships and I had the skills to create a process leading me down a path to success…because I had used them repeatedly at the J.O.B.

I created a step by step plan for what I needed to do and who I needed to be… to be worthy to receive the love my wonderful man had to give. Then, I set out to work on my plan.

Meeting Places

My new dilemma:  Where do I go to meet people?

I was done with the bar scene, meeting guys at work, or at parties.

I recalled hearing about online dating on the radio… but brushed it off.

Then…One morning, The Voice came back and said ‘You should check out this Match.com thing.’

This time, I did not wait to be nagged.  I heard The Voice…and I took action…

I created my Match.com account and began my online shopping experience.

[In my Your Magical Path to True Love™ program, I call online dating sites, shops and the dating process I teach is called online shopping.]
Somehow I knew not to give complete control to the dating site algorithms. I knew this was a tool for me to use… and use it I did… sorting through profiles while becoming clearer about my worth.

[By now you may be thinking, I don’t want to use Online Dating…it sucks…all I find are people who lie on their profiles, only want hookups or be friends with benefits, or mismatches galore.  It’s okay, the Your Magical Path to True Love™ process works whether or not you use online dating sites.]
I remember finding and reading a profile by a person named Noiz on Match.com that was funny and intelligent.  I noticed, a bit freaked out, that he lived 0.0 miles away from me.

Could I Be on My Magical Path to True Love?

WTF! How can he be in my house?

I took that as a sign…to take another action.

I clicked the button to send a message and quickly typed a message to Noiz letting him know I found his profile funny and intelligent along with a thank you for being unique.  Thus began our online romance.

We chatted online for a couple of months, then shifted to phone conversations lasting several hours at a time… so we got to know each other deeply over a short period of time.

Six weeks from the date I created my own find the love of my life program and merged it with one from The Relationship Coaching Institute where I am licensed and certified… I met my hot, loving, generous, funny, compassionate, husband and best friend Chuck Hawks.

Here we are… Happy, Healthy and Whole.

Chuck and Darshana

And Now…

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