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The Simpler Way to Find the Love of Your Life
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Create. Expect. Anticipate. Have.

I thought I knew what love is… and I thought I knew my purpose for dating and how to date.  I thought I was right to do dating the way everybody else did.  And… I acted as though the people I dated were “put on the pedestal” worthy… even when my friends and family acted as though they were not.

Looking back, today, I know I was wrong in my righteous thinking… 

All the relationship choices that ended up in heartache, pain and grief… were not 100% necessary.

I did not have the tools that you will have in this course back then… and I know that if I had, I would not have had 31 failed dating relationships, grief, struggle, and heartache over many years to heal from… I have lived in the dating jungle and now know that there is another way that honors who you are, your heart, and brings you joy and love… and lands you in the arms of the love of your life.

“You own the most powerful and magical magnet in the world; it is your love.” ~ Debasish Mridha

In this Conscious Dating Program, you will

  • Choose your dating purpose
  • Learn a different way to date that honors your purpose for dating
  • Know the difference between dating and meeting people to see if they are a match for you
  • Cultivate your inner wisdom, esteem, confidence, and courage
  • Ensure your mind and body are aligned energetically
  • Create from your highest self space
  • Identify your lifestyle priorities so that you attract people who are aligned with them with ease
  • Release your past pains, struggles, and heartaches
  • Create space in your heart, life, and home for love
  • Know what your exit strategy is and when to use it
  • Love yourself so much that you no longer need boundaries
  • Learn a simple, logical, and remarkable 4-step method for dating consciously… it’s magical.

Can you relate to any of these statements in your life?

  • I was married (or in a relationship) once (or more times!), and it just didn’t work out, so it probably won’t work out again.
  • Men/women my age are as likely to find a new partner as to be struck by lightning—and I’ve even heard the statistics that make this true.
  • I’m not the kind who attracts people because I’m too _____________________, so there’s no point in even looking.
  • I’ve tried all the dating services, and all I met were players and takers, and I just don’t believe that there are any good ones out there. Besides, I spent a fortune for no results.
  • I’ve hired matchmakers, and that was a total waste of my money.
  • I have my list of requirements, and no one has been able to satisfy it… so I am resigned to never meeting that person.
  • I have a pretty good life by myself—lots of friends, a good job, a nice home—so why should I bother looking for a partner?
  • I know God or the Universe will drop the love of my life at my front doorstep, it just has not happened yet.
  • I am too busy in my career to have a relationship, but when I am by myself, I feel lonely and notice my friends and family members who are in relationships.
  • I am asked why I am not dating anyone by family members during the holidays or other gatherings.
  • Fill in the blank with your own self-defeating belief: “_______________________.

If you said Yes or Maybe to one or more of these statements,

then this course is for you!

Benefits of Taking the Conscious Dating Group Course:

  • Become super confident
  • Have high self-esteem when dating
  • Have an exit strategy and know when to use it
  • Have clarity about what a relationship is and is not… you may be surprised
  • Shift codependence to interdependence
  • Notice how you attract people aligned with your values and priorities
  • Be secure in who you are, without apology or self-deprecation
  • And… if you choose… find the love of your life with joy and ease.

What’s included in the Conscious Dating Course:

  • 12 Conscious Dating lessons and worksheets delivered each week for 12 weeks.
  • 12 Weekly group calls where I walk you through what you will be working on during the week.
  • Support, Cheerleading, and access to me via Voxer inbetween the weekly calls.
  • Learn from other participants and their stories in the course.
  • Access to me during office hours and in our private Facebook group.

Super Launch Price for Joining Before August 15th is $397.00

Regular price will be $697.00

Changing always involves moving past our comfort zone, but the payoff—a loving partner and a rewarding relationship—makes the discomfort worthwhile.

And although you may sometimes have to step outside that comfort zone a bit, the work will be fun.  I can promise you that it will be enlightening.  As we explore together, you will begin to see the patterns in your previous relationships and the reasons they failed.

Here are some of the goals for our time spent together:

  • Learn the Three Stages of Love
  • Learn the Ten Principles of Conscious Dating
  • Consciously design the life of your dreams
  • Know every detail of what you want in a mate
  • Understand the difference between being in love and being in commitment.
  • Change your limiting thinking, feelings, and attitudes
  • Understand how your past relationships affect who you choose
  • Make a relationships and attraction plan
  • Be boldbrave, and unstoppable!

The key to having successful relationships with others is first to have a successful relationship with yourself, and that’s where we will start.  I like to call this self-relationship enlightened selfishness.  We cannot love another until we love ourselves first.  Enlightened selfishness is the love for ourselves that makes us able to powerfully and successfully love another.

So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life as we put these powerful principles into action!

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