I’m Dr. Dar, Love Coach and creator of The Couple’s Appraisal™, a relationship quiz for couples. a couple’s relationship quiz.

Appraise means to determine the value, nature, quality, importance of something. When you get your home appraised, you’re hiring someone to assess the value of your home. They take a look inside and out; take notes; check other homes in the area, and tell you about the improvements you must make.  This couple’s relationship quiz kinda does the same thing for your relationship.Couple’s 

Ingredients for the Couple’s Relationship Quiz

You’ll appraise your aptitude and attitude towards these 15 key ingredients.  These ingredients contribute to having a healthy, mutually fulfilling, and loving relationship.

  1. Feel and be respected
  2. Balancing being an individual with being a couple
  3. Feel and be loved
  4. Be valued and appreciated
  5. Be financially secure
  6. Honor trust and commitment
  7. Be emotionally secure
  8. Feel and be supported
  9. Be spiritually secure
  10. Empathic listening
  11. Have common ground
  12. Have a deeper connection
  13. Be heard and understood
  14. Maintain healthy boundaries
  15. Make time for romance and intimacy

Take the couple’s relationship quiz to increase your self-awareness and relationship to love and being loved…’cuz a lot goes into this complicated crazy thing called LOVE and relationships.

With Hugs, Love, and Magic,
Dr. Dar

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