Relationship Readiness Mindset Course

People Pleasers, Empaths, Emotional, Sensitive, and Intuitives have been taught things about relationships, attraction, and love that have caused pain, struggle, stress, and even trauma.

In this introductory course, we're going to share some beliefs and mindsets that may be in the way of you having a life you love and having a healthy, harmonious, loving, connected, and reciprocal relationship.

Your mindset:

  • Feeds what you create in your life
  • Attracts experiences into your life
  • Magnetizes people into our lives
  • Consists of your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, values, and feelings.

That's why it is important to shatter popular beliefs like:

  • There are no good 'ones' left... they are all taken
  • What's wrong with me that I attract unhealthy relationships or people or my relationships don't last
  • Dating is so hard

I'm going to share a different perspective with you to consider... to ignite a mindset shift in you... in a logical and practical way.  I will also share my dating story and experience with many failed relationships and what I learned in the process... with the hopes it brings you optimism, understanding, and compassion.