Is Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar Challenging for You?

If you’re a coach, healer, or lightworker… you want to help everyone who is in need… am I right?
But… you’ve been told that you have to create an ideal client avatar or ideal client profile.  You hire marketing and business coaches, take classes, and invest a ton of time… and your cash into helping you succeed with getting clients… but it’s just not working out the way you thought.

Keep reading… I may have the solution that will help you make the most out of your investments! 

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You Love What You Do as a Coach, Healer, or Lightworker…
But the marketing, social media, blogging, social media, and creating content is a challenge. 
You’ve been told to pick your niche, choose your audience, know your audience’s pains, struggles, loves, and needs.  And you’ve tried, several times… but the sales just aren’t where you’d like them to be.

Define Your Ideal Client 


You write about your programs and services but it's not getting clients in through the door

You have a website but it's not connecting with the people you want to work with... they're not hitting the buy button

You've been posting on social media and have a few likes here and there... but it's not from your ideal client

Let’s Connect You With Your Ideal Client Today

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Your Ideal Client Is Defined in Detail In Your Natal Chart


Let Me Show You How to Effortlessly Connect With Your Ideal Client

and Where to to Find Them!



You'll connect with your ideal client so intimately that you start naturally attracting them with your marketing


You'll end up loving the process of marketing and sharing your business with your ideal clients


You'll know how and where to find your ideal clients who want what you offer

What If You Never Have to Worry About
Who You are Marketing To Ever Again?


Your Astrological Ideal Client Profile

Astrological Ideal Client Profile - Dr. Dar Hawks

Know Your Ideal Client Intimately

Attract Them Effortlessly


Make Your Marketing Easy

For Coaches, Healers, and Lightworkers
Define Your Ideal Client 

Here’s What You’ll Receive…


Your Ideal Client Profile In Rich Detail

A detailed empathy map of who you ideal client is… their needs, wants, fears, goals, and dreams… and understand why you already naturally attract them.


Your Ideal Client Attraction Strategy

Know what to do before you start any marketing activity… intimately and energetically connect with your client before you create content for them… with ease.


Nurturing Support and Guidance

We’ll walk through your ideal client profile, your energetic attraction strategy, and address any limiting beliefs keeping you from launching your work into the arms of your ideal clients… who are waiting for you to hire you.

Your Client's Biggest Need

So that you know to weave that into all of your marketing pieces with confidence… knowing you are speaking directly to them.

Energetic Alignment

We’ll get you adept at using your ideal client summary to develop content marketing using the astrological profile of your ideal client combined with how you can serve them.  We’ll brainstorm content ideas and you’ll walk away feeling like a magnetic content generator.

You’ll also get these divinely inspired bonuses…

Energetic Alignment

Tune In to ensure your marketing assets are aligned with your ideal client profile so that they start attracting your person to your offers… to have them click the buy button.

Bonus Coaching Call

A Follow Up Coaching Call to answer any questions, ensure you’re using your attraction strategy, and realign your energy to that of your ideal client

Where to Focus

A dive into the struggles of your ideal client, where to focus your services to solve their problem, and align your words, actions, and thoughts to your desired results.

What My Clients Say

Your Marketing Is Going to Be Easy Peasy

Don’t wait… get on my calendar and let’s chat to see if this is a feel-good, aligned fit for you and your business.

Hi, I’m Darshana Hawks…

As a coach, healer, and business owner myself with two decades of experience in leading Corporate projects as a Business and Technology Consultant, Manager of Technical Staff, and Project Manager… plus running my own business… I know the trials… and costs… of not aligning your brand and marketing with your dream/ideal client… it costs us clients, money, time and most importantly, getting our vision and mission out into the world.

My clients know they are cared for, honored, respected, and treated like a trusted partner when they entrust me to support them.

Your Marketing Is Going to Be Easy Peasy

Don’t wait… get on my calendar and let’s chat to see if this is a feel-good, aligned fit for you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Let’s find a way to work together. Your services are needed in the world now more than ever… schedule your consultation, we’ll evaluate your budget, and work together to get your services out into the world.  

How much time is involved?

Honestly, this is up to you and your choice.  However, I can tell you this… you will receive tremendous value from your session… in a way that energizes you to start marketing and promoting your services right away, in an aligned and feel good way!  It will feel like you have more time and freedom than you could possible imagine right now.

You’re a Relationship Expert Why Did You Create This?

I was frustrated with the content copy writers, marketing experts, and coaches that ultimately did not solve the issue I myself had.  My marketing was not working for my own business because I was speaking to multiple audiences creating confusion.  As a multi-talented, multi-passionate, highly educated professional… it felt like I was such a failure… would I ever figure it out.  So, as with many things in my life… I had to solve the problem for myself because I could never make the traditional ideal client persona or ideal customer profiles work for me.  I love astrology and human design… and wondered if I could find my answer in my charts… so I studied them based on universal human patterns and archetypes… lo and behold… I found the solution.

Your Marketing Is Going to Be Easy Peasy

Don’t wait… get on my calendar and let’s chat to see if this is a feel-good, aligned fit for you and your business.

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