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You are the Star of your business.  You created it out of a need to give, to make a difference, out of a necessity for your own life, or just to have something meaningful to give to others.  That’s why you are the Star of your business.

Let’s be honest though…

You enjoy working with your clients/customers more than the time you invest in the marketing, promoting, social media, copywriting and techie stuff that’s needed to find your clients.  

And… you still have moments when you feel fuzzy on who your aligned dream client is and is not.  You may still be marketing to everyone… and your mind is not crystal clear… yet. 

You’re not attracting a steady stream of dream clients… and wonder what else you can do to have a thriving business that supports your lifestyle, needs, and wants.

Whether you sell a product or a service, knowing who you are selling to… specifically, intimately, and deeply so that they immediately say YES, this is for me… is the path to joy, ease, and prosperity in your business.

And… then… you ignite the energy of marketing, promoting, and sharing your business in your dream client’s voice… because you are soul aligned with them to be of service and to deliver value.  Your prospective clients will find your message, connect with it, and say Yes, this is for me!

And, I am inviting you to say Yes, the Dream Client program is for me!

Star - Dream Client Discovery The Easy Way - Dr. Dar Hawks
Why Is Dating So Hard? Dr. Dar Hawks
Love Crazed Heart - Relationship Readiness- Dr. Dar Hawks
Aligned Dream Client - Dr. Dar Hawks

You’ve tried answering the typical ideal client questions like where they live, how old they are, how much money they earn, what they read, what shows they watch, what makes them ideal… but still you’re not feeling connected with your dream client in your heart and body… and you’re not attracting them either.  

And don’t get me started on choosing a niche.  So many coaches, healers, and helping professionals still struggle with this concept.  I know I did, for decades… to be honest with you.


  • What if it is possible for you to naturally attract your aligned dream client, just by showing up, sharing, and doing what you love?
  • What if, you have been attracting your misaligned client all this time, kissing frogs that turn out to be ungrateful monsters :-)… and that was a clue to who your dream client really is?
  • What if… you could know exactly who your aligned dream client is and is not within 3 to 5 minutes of speaking with them?
  • What if you could attract your aligned dream client by knowing the  words they would use in your communication and marketing?
  • What if you could attract your dream client by knowing them deeply, with crystal clarity, and tapping into their core strengths, fears, motivations, and mission in life… out of your genuine desire to help them achieve their goals and desires?
  • What if you could hone in on your natural talents and topic areas… and then create your domain of expertise (a.k.a. niche)… and your unique professional title from there?

All of this and more is possible.

When you align your energy with that of your Astrologically Given Dream Client, you have the rays of the sun warming your heart and soul each and every day. It feels reciprocal, mutual, kind, caring, generous, and it just flows with joy and ease.  You are appreciated and they joyfully pay you, honor, and respect you.  No more will you attract clients/customers who dishonor or discount you and your offers.

When you rewire your brain and body’s energy, you do attract your Dream Client the easy way… and the rewiring is as easy as working with me to tune in and align with your and your Dream Client’s:

  • Energy astrology,
  • Body’s energy through the lens of your human design type,
  • Beliefs and energy that are keeping you from manifesting your dream client,
  • Best social media and marketing channels,
  • Feelings about money and,
  • Desired results you want to have for yourself and your business.  
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Hello! I’m Dr. Dar

The Feel Good Alchemist

I have struggled for almost two decades with identifying my ideal client so intimately that I would not have to think about how to speak in their voice, because I knew them, at a soul level.

I tried all the traditional business and marketing models, and spent a shi*ton of money on coaches and consultants, even those who became my friends and love me.  Only to find that those models don’t honor my energy, my uniqueness, nor my multi-talented, multi-interested, generalist approach. They all put me in a box… and I resist boxes… I am not a box kind of gal.

I pushed myself to align with their ideal client models… and I just felt like I was being manipulative and disingenuous to my clients and myself.  In fact, I attracted the wrong clients.  The ones that would dishonor my value, my rates, and my business.

And… that simply did not work for me.  

So… I chose to shut out all of the noise from others and listened to my heart.  I wondered if there was a connection between my expertise with the feel good superpower energies (take the quiz), kryptonite, human operating system, human design energy types, human behavior and energy based astrology, psychology, sociology, and Jungian archetypes… and my dream client.  I wondered what it would be like to align myself with these energy based systems for my business, marketing, and connecting with prospective clients/customers online.

Then I found Kay Putnam’s work with Brand Psychology. And my mind was blown away.  Marketing and advertising leverage psychology and archetypes to draw us in… and it works, time and time again.

I immediately thought of the movie theatres when they switched their advertising to the popcorn and drinks before the  movie started.  The popcorn felt like it was floating in the air right in front of my face, activating my nose to smell the fresh drops of butter on the hot popcorn.

I was onto something here.  I knew it.  I felt it.  For myself.

I finally was going to solve my ever eternal quest for my ideal client and dream client.

Once I started learning about my body and astrological energy… and who my energy naturally attracts… it was like I hit a treasure chest after digging for years to make a whole big enough for a rainbow eucalyptus tree.  I found something that works, effortlessly and joyfully… finally… and it felt ooooh so good. It’s like I plugged into a power source of inner power, love, belonging, thriving, fun, and freedom.

Sitting down to write that blog post, recording that podcast, inviting dream partners to be a guest on my feel good chat show, coming up with ideas for my visual social media posts… all became effortless. 

I started having fun. 

I arrived at nirvana…pure love, joy, and prosperity with my business.  


Free 20 Min Chat

Start with a free 20-minute consultation to see if this is a dream fit for you, your energy, and your business.  Click here to learn about what we’ll do during your free consultation chat.


Dream Client Discovery 1st Session!

We’ll schedule your 1st session during the free 20-minute chat to get started with discovering your aligned dream client with joy and ease. Take a peek at what you will receive from your 1st session.


Do something today that your Future Self will thank you for.
~ Sean Patrick Flannery

Energy Aligned Dream Client - Dr. Dar Hawks

Do you want to finally have the joyful, easy way to marketing, business, and life?  I waited for years to realize that conventional methods will never work for me and my business.  And, I am not here to do conventional. 

It is B-O-R-I-N-G. 

And… you have to work too hard to be seen and heard by your dream clients that way. 

It is time for you to tap into the secrets big brands use to lure in their customers… only you will do it because you care deeply about your work, being of service and value… and your clients.

If you are open-minded, want to honor your energy, understand your star map, and get clear about who you are here to serve and your unique niche,  Let’s talk now.

Your aligned dream client is waiting for you to connect with them.  

What We’ll Do During Your Free Chat

It’s All About You & Your Business!

  1. Walkthrough your business journey – it’s good to know where you are, how you got there, and your story.  This helps us connect at a deeper, I know you, you know me, heart-to-heart level
  2. Share what your talents, gifts, mission, and purpose are… and those of your business… it’s okay if you are unclear about this 
  3. Review your current logo, website, products/services, or other ways your clients make purchases or learn about you
  4. Share my unconventional approach with you
  5. Discuss your budget, my rate, and how we can find a reciprocal way to work together.  There are so many ways to work with your budget, and mine… and I am creative with that… because I know your dream clients need and want you… they are waiting to connect with you.  And… I know the world needs your gifts and talents now more than ever.
  6. You choose to go to the next step if my approach is a fit for you… and me.
  7. Bonus:  You will feel better about your business, yourself, and your ability to attract a full waiting list of your dream clients by the time as a result of our conversation.

Let’s get started!


Relationship Readiness Heart Opening - Dr. Dar Hawks

Say Yes to Your 1st Session to Attract Your Aligned Dream Client

Here’s What You Will Receive from Session 1

  • Energy astrology (body energy map energy type, decision process, and internal check-in process – reading for business)
  • Dream client cheat sheet summary that includes your astrologically given archetype, zodiac, and energy types at the time of your birth
  • Keywords to listen for to identify your dream client and use in your marketing
  • Example images related to the keywords to activate your right brain and connect with your dream client
  • Energy activation so that your left and right brain start thinking and feeling into your dream client so that you understand them completely
  • Ideas of what your dream clients may do for their livelihood, career, vocation, job, or business so that you can figure out where they hang out, easily
  • Business processes, maps, and cheat sheets that you can reference everyday to keep you on track 
  • An invitation to a 3 session alignment package – because you are just getting activated and started, it can be easy to fall back into old patterns and learning. It takes time and additional sessions to maintain and sustain the energy alignment activation.

P.S.  Please don’t allow your judgments, money or time fears, or critical thinking to keep you from doing this! 

I am passionately committed to you serving your dream clients… and they are waiting for you to connect with them. This will be the best time and money you have ever invested in yourself and your business.  Start with the no cost free chat.

Flower Of Life - Dr. Dar Hawks - Dt

Examples of What You Will Have

As an outcome of us working together in the Dream Client Discovery package, you’ll be creating aligned visuals and cheat sheets to keep you focused and aligned with your marketing and business.  Yours will be unique to you and your business.

And… aligned in who you are for your clients… and aligned in how you serve them!

Here are some examples of what I’ve created for my business and marketing to give you a picture of what’s possible for you, your dream aligned client, your aligned business, and aligned marketing!  

You also will receive an invitation to join me in quarterly dream client aligned planning sessions to map out your inspired actions all designed to serve your dream clients. 

Your Body’s Natural Attraction Mechanisms

Body Energy Map - Dr. Dar Hawks Inspired By Human Design

Products and Services Aligned for Your Dream Clients

Energy Alignment Planning - Dr. Dar Hawks - Feel Good Energy Tracker

Aligned Dream
Client Journey

Dream Client Aligned Journey And Experience - Dr. Dar Hawks

Aligned Logo, Tagline, Visuals and Copy

Cropped Dr. Dar Hawks Logo Final 512

Your Customized Aligned Dream Client Report

Dream Client Summary For Template By Dr. Dar Hawks

Aligned FEMPATHY Map™ Page 1

Fempathy Map Hd Page 1 - Aligned Dream Client For Dr. Dar Hawks

Aligned FEMPATHY Map™ Page 2

Fempathy Map Hd Page 2 - Aligned Dream Client For Dr. Dar Hawks.png

What My Clients Say


"I have invested so much money and time into marketing my business, trying the latest and greatest, like throwing a post it note against the wall, hoping it will stick. Then, I met Dr. Dar, who tuned into my energy, and showed me who my dream client is and is not. I was in awe of how her approach resonated with me, in my entire body... I still have goosebumps of joy. Don't wait to work with Dr. Dar. It is totally worth it.

Jen – SEO Queen and Mother: Age 44

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Rather than push you away with pricing or money objections, I want to speak with you and find a way to work together. Your services are needed in the world now more than ever… schedule your consultation and let’s get your services out into the world… together.

Can you collaborate with my other service providers?

Absolutely… this is important to ensure you don’t go off course with your other service providers (copywriter, graphics, images, branding, seo, web design, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.). We can discuss your ideal options and ways to collaborate during your session.

How much time is involved?

Honestly, this is up to you and your choice.  However, I can tell you this… you will receive tremendous value from your session… in a way that energizes you to start marketing and promoting your services right away, in an aligned and feel good way!  It will feel like you have more time and freedom than you could possible imagine right now.

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