What is the Divorce Rate for a Fourth Marriage?



Dr. Dar


What’s  the divorce rate for a fourth marriage

Dr. Dar says:

The Chances of divorce increase over time – 76% probability with 3rd marriages or more.

There is a widely held belief in the relationship counseling/coaching circles that a person leaves a relationship due to issues that represent 10% of the relationship… only to find a different 10% lacking in the next relationship. 

I say the focus on the issue or lack creates tension and forces a disruption that violates the sanctity of the relationship… subconsciously causing it to trigger an end.

My recommendation is for the individuals and the couple to receive relationship rebuild coaching to work on rebuilding themselves as  individuals and rebuilding the relationship, regardless of the outcome… of staying together or ending it.

Through the relationship rebuild process, they will gain clarity about what they are doing that can lead them down the path of divorce, individually and as a couple.  Also, learning to make the right choices in a life-long mate without repeating patterns is a key to a successful marriage.

Keep in mind that this is difficult to measure and varies according to the source.


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