Your Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Relationship Begins Here

You have the Power to Change Your Relationship

Your Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Relationship Begins Here

Dr. Dar The Relationship Healer

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Hello, I’m Dar, the Relationship Healer.

Without the right understanding and the right tools, I know that relationships can be hard. And a difficult relationship impacts everything you do, right?

You’ve probably heard the saying that ‘relationships are hard work’ or ‘you have to work at a marriage’. But has anyone ever told you what that work looks like? Or explained HOW to bring out the best in your relationship?

And, did you know that, if you put in the work to understand each other now, a relationship doesn’t have to be such hard work? It can feel good and right.

I know what it’s like to struggle with relationships. After dozens of failures, I finally decided it was time to truly understand who I am in relationships, what I really need, and how the best relationship for me works.

Through years of self-exploration, professional training and working with clients, I formulated my Relationship Success System. Not only do I now use this to support my clients, but it has transformed my own relationship. I couldn’t be happier.

I want that happiness for you too. It is possible.

With my support, and my Relationship Success System, you can create the happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship you long for.

I am here for you. I welcome you to explore my services or simply reach out to me for a chat. Consider my Contact Form an open door.

From my heart to yours,
Dr Dar

(My Journey)

Where it all began

During my corporate career, I was always asked to save failing projects or liaise with the most difficult customers. I remember an executive saying, “Give it to Darshana. She can fix it.” This happened throughout my career as a project manager and team manager. The most difficult situations and teams would be handed to me as I could be relied upon to get everyone on the same page, supporting each other to get the job done.

If I could fix all these issues at work, surely I could fix my relationships? With a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, Philosophy, and Behavior, I had a head start. My next step was to learn all I could about coaching, from leadership and business coaching to family, life and relationship coaching.

I explored alternative approaches too, including Healing, Human Energy, Astro Psychology, Human Design and more. 

Every client and every couple I work with is unique, so I have ensured I can provide the most well-rounded, personalized approach for you. I listen to your story, explore your needs, and feel  your energy.

My mission, and my joy, is to help you shed the shackles that create struggle in your relationship so that you become fulfilled in all your relationships, in your work, and in your life. 

Dr. Dar - The Relationship Fixer

The Relationship Success System

You can create relationships that feel good by honoring and nurturing your inherent nature and patterns.

Before you can improve or heal your relationship, you need to understand yourself: your needs, your behaviors, your feelings. Then, with an understanding of your partner too, you can begin to make the shift in you that will result in the change in your relationship.

How do you do this? Through my Relationship Success System.

This includes five key pillars: 

    1. The 5 Relationship Languages
    2. The Relationship Behavior System
    3. The 15 Relationship Competencies
    4. The Curious Communication Framework
    5. The Relationship Energy Method

The Feel Good Superpowers Emerged - Dr. Dar Hawks

My Approach & Philosophy 

 I believe:

  • In the inherent goodness of humanity
  • We have a relationship with everything and everyone in our lives
  • Everything is Energy
  • You can completely change your life by transforming your energy
  • You can change people by learning energy and curious communication skills (I will show you how)
  • There are unseen forces conspiring on your behalf
  • When we feel good about ourselves, everything in our lives falls into a more joyous flow, naturally and effortlessly
  • Feeling good is the gateway to being healed
  • By transforming your energy, you transform your relationships

And I Love: 

  • Our beautiful planet, nature, and trees… oh yes, glorious trees
  • Animals (I am a dog gal)
  • Tie-Dye
  • The Moon and Sky
  • Energy and patterns
  • My family
  • Nurturing my nature
  • Reading, quilting, napping, cooking, painting (new passion)
  • Being contribution
  • Feeling good.

In case you want the serious stuff:

Credentials:  Bachelor’s and Masters in Business Administration & Ph.D. in Metaphysics, Philosophy, and Human Behavior.


  • Master Relationship Coach (Singles and Couples) – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Master Spirit in Business Coach – Spirit in Business Academy
  • Family Coach – The Academy of Family Coaching
  • Life, Change, and Leadership – Coachville
  • Project Management Professional – Project Management Institute
  • Agile Coach and Scrum Master

Student of:
Metaphysics, Living Experience Called Life, Communication, Relationships, Human Energy, Human Behavior, Coaching, Healing, Eastern and Western Astrology, Choice Theory, Astro-Psychology, Depth Psychology, Ontology, Human Design, the Gene Keys, and Creating Our Future from The Present.

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