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You Love Being of Service to Your Clients…

But… the administration and operational side of your business is a drain on your energy and time.

You started your business to be of service, to make the world a better place… for your dream clients. You have a few clients but want to contribute and make a difference to more people… and that scares you.  You wonder how the heck you can handle more clients when you don’t have enough time to nurture the ones you have now in addition to running your business.

You’re inspired by your ideas.  You start the projects, and get half way there… but don’t bring them to the finish line and into the hands of your clients.  One day you’re on the phone with a client and you want to find that blog series you wrote about that answers the question your client just asked you… only to find them partially finished.  

You sigh… and feel like you are a failure… because you cannot finish anything.

You feel as though you are all over the place… and not creating the results you want in your business and life.

You, at some level, know that fine tuning your business processes, systems, and building your dream team team will create a feel-good experience for you as the CEO… will free up your time to do more of what you love, and will have more energy to do what you love… trusting the automation of processes and your team to help you succeed with your and for your dream clients… in all areas of your company. 

And… if it not, they won’t stay awhile and they certainly won’t refer you much less buy again.

Think about how many businesses you have frequented and then left because the product or service no longer aligned with your need or expectation, or they did not treat you the way you would expect to be treated… honored and appreciated.

Wouldn’t it feel good to have a clear map of what your dream client experiences from the first time they come to through your door or to your website?  For your dream client to visit your business, online or off, and think ‘this is just for me’, ‘I matter to this company and to the people who work there’, ‘I will refer this business any chance I get’, and ‘I’ll stay awhile because I feel like this company Gets Me?!

….Which is why we’ll focus on clarity and alignment first.

Together, we’ll align your message, imagery, content, beliefs and values, marketing, social media, automation processes, operating procedures, and technology action plans with your dream client… this is what makes us unique. Our process leverages planning to achieve clarity, energetic alignment, and then moves into the implementation and maintenance phases of running your business.

If this resonates with you, let’s chat.  Click the button below to schedule your ‘no strings’ strategy session today.


Ideas for What We Can Focus On Together

Strategic Planning

Strategy is the key to knowing what to do and when in your business – behind the scenes and in front of your dream clients.  With quarterly planning events to support your desired outcomes and the growth of your business, we will ensure it is all aligned with your desired outcomes and dream client. Clarity is the goal, and flip flopping around is no longer the norm. Ultimately, this one thing will save you money and give you back precious time to be with your clients.

Brand Alignment

All this talk about ideal clients and their profiles does not work for everyone.

If your business is not thriving, this is a place to start, not revisit.

I invite you to say goodbye to conventional and take a conscious energy alignment approach to knowing who you are here to serve, how you help them, what you do with them, and magnetic ways to find them.

Business Automation

Now that you have your strategy, audience, image and content alignment, we can now build or tweak your website. 

We keep it practical and focused on who you are here to serve, how and when you want to serve them, and maintain alignment in your messaging.  When you are aligned with your strategy, audience,  visuals, and content, it is easier to create a site that functionally serves you and your clients.

Nurturing Support

Now that you have each of these blocks of your business built, we provide ongoing support and coaching along the way to keep you aligned, shift gears if necessary to serve you and your audience, and keep your website secure and operational.

Having a partner who understands you and your business is precious.  Having ongoing support throughout the year to review your strategy and alignment with your audience, images, and content assures you having a thriving business that fulfills your mission.

Dr. Dar Hawks - Logo wHeadshot

Hello, I’m Darshana Hawks…

I facilitate, lead, and orchestrate your offline and online success. 

As a coach, healer, and business owner myself with two decades of experience in leading Corporate projects as a Business Consultant and Project Manager and running my own business… I know the trials… and costs… of not aligning your business operations, automating everywhere you can, and aligning your brand experience with your dream client… it costs you clients, sales, income, and most importantly, getting your vision and mission out into the world.

I have a holistic business and technology advisory and website service for heart-centered, intuitive coaches and healers who have an unrelenting vision and mission to change something in their community or the world. 

My clients call me their Trusted Advisor because I am multi-talented, have tons of experience in Corporate, Tech, and Business… I am always able to answer their questions, ensure their business operations and automation keeps their dream client as a focus, and save them money and time. They know they are cared for, honored, respected, and treated like a trusted partner in success.

And… you want a collaborative, trustworthy partner who can guide you to create success in your business, advise you on any technology or business investments, be your trusted advisor when it comes to technology, business automation and operations solutions… and who will advise you when and where to spend your joy-earned dollars and where not to… with complete honesty, transparency and in alignment with your business and money goals!

What My Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Rather than push you away with pricing or money objections, I want to speak with you and find a way to work together. Your services are needed in the world now more than ever… schedule your consultation and let’s get your services out into the world… together.

Can you collaborate with my other service providers?

Absolutely… this is important to ensure you don’t go off course with your other service providers (copywriter, graphics, images, branding, seo, web design, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.). We can discuss your ideal options and ways to collaborate during your session.

How much time is involved?

Honestly, this is up to you and your choice.  However, I can tell you this… you will receive tremendous value from your session… in a way that energizes you to start marketing and promoting your services right away, in an aligned and feel good way!  It will feel like you have more time and freedom than you could possible imagine right now.

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