You’re Trying to Keep Calm

But You’re Freaking Out Inside

  • That meeting invitation from your manager,
  • That email or call from Human Resources,
  • No information to help ease your mind,
  • Wondering if you’re going to get written up or worse, fired,
  • No clue what you’ve done,
  • Feel like you are being asked to rat out your peers,
  • Are treated differently than your coworkers,
  • The fear of retaliation,
  • Wanting to speak up, but too afraid to…  You’d love to have an employee advocate and coach you can consult.

It Sucks. 
It Feels Like… You versus Them

You Vs Them Toggle Switch Beating the Competition

And You’re Probably Right!

You’ve done your best to be not just a good employee, but a great one.  

And… It does not seem to matter.

You feel singled out.

You don’t trust Human Resources… and your manager is not telling you anything helpful.

Like you are on pins and needles… almost like you’re being set up or walking into a trap.

On Your Side ~ Employee Advocate Coach

You don’t know who to trust or who to turn to.

You wish you had someone to talk to… an employee advocate and coach who is on your side.

You go home and this is all you can think about.

You become anxious, worried, and cannot sleep at night.  It’s consuming you.

You’ve worked too hard to give up… plus you need this job.

That’s where I come in… 

I know, I’ve been there and I’ve seen it…  too many times to count. 

After hiring a lawyer, fighting my own battle, and then… after it was all over… realizing I have 30 years of experience in Corporate America in 5 different industries… plus 20+ years of coaching expertise… being trained to be a coach and an advocate… I found no one to turn to when I went through the harassment, discrimination, implicit bias, retaliation and more…  So… I am choosing to be a resource you can trust to help you navigate this difficult terrain.

Did you know?   Corporate Employee Advocates are not your advocate.  They advocate for the best interests of the Company and its executives.

I am an Employee Advocate and Coach, for real! 
I am on your side,
I hear you,
I understand you, and
I am here for you.

On Your Side ~ Employee Advocate Coach

I help employees be Empowered in work situations that feel like you are being backed into a corner with no one on your side… the people and situations that seem impossible to deal with or manage.

Instead of being worried, anxious, insecure, or doubting yourself… knowing you have a meeting, phone call, or email… that’s keeping you off your game… What if… you were calm, prepared, confident, and secure!

Contact me (Free Consultation) so we can get ahead of it and restore your confidence, cheer, and belief in yourself.

When you create peace at work everything from your job, to your income, to your health, to your relationships are impacted in a positive way.

You, Your Life, Your Peace-of-Mind, Your Family are WORTH IT.

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