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I am Dr. Dar, host of The RelationShifts Show, Relationship Wizard, and Creator of the Love-Able Quiz.
Please join me in welcoming Tai GoodwinTai_turquoise_bg on The RelationShifts Show.

Tai Goodwin is a Business coach, catalyst, mentor, strategist, author, teacher, trailblazer – are some of the words used to describe Tai Goodwin’s contribution as an entrepreneur.

Her favorite description comes from one of her clients, who called her a Vision Midwife. She works with empathic, introverted, and highly sensitive entrepreneurs, showing them how to build a profitable business that’s in 100% alignment with who they are.

Tai is the founder of the Brilliant Business Girlfriend Mastermind and host of the Bankable Brilliance podcast. Her articles have been featured on Forbes.com, Careerealism, and the Huffington Post. You can find her book, Girlfriend It’s Your Time, on Amazon.

Her superpower is helping her clients own their brilliance so they can build a bankable business around their ideas, experience, expertise, and message.

In today’s show we talk about:  How to Fall Back In Love with Your Business

  1. What causes entrepreneurs to burn out?
  2. How hating your work impacts your love of life.
  3. How to fall back in love with your business.

Your Offer:  Take her Bankable Brilliance Quiz

My Truth:  Tai is fiercely committed to her clients being ‘Bankable’ for their Brilliance.  Her Bankable Brilliance Quiz helped me understand what I do in my business based on the archetype I landed on by taking her quiz.  She also has a Bankable Brilliance Business Model product that has helped me define my product and service offerings in a way that feels good and also are BANKABLE based on my Bankable Brilliance type as a Coach/Guide.  Her coaching is more to me like a Business Activator with clear and specific actions – she cares about me being Bankable.

The RelationShifts Show Episode 2 - Dr. Dar with Tai Goodwin - Bankable Brilliance