Everything and Everyone is a Narrative in Each Moment



Dr. Dar Hawks



Live in the Moment

Everyone is Writing Their Narrative…

That Gets Rooted

As They Experience Seeing, Being, Doing, Living, and Loving 

Nurture Your Nature™ Create Your Narrative As You Go

What You See and Hear

You Feel

What You Feel

You Think

What You Think

You Create

What You Create

You Manifest

What You Manifest

Becomes Real

What Becomes Real

You See…

And the cycle starts again

It has come to my attention, awareness and consciousness… that I create in the moment… which when I truly got this… I learned to live in this moment… and the next moment… and the moment after that one..

This moment is a magical place to be…

While I am being, doing, living, loving, and of course seeing (our eyes give us visuals so we see through eyesight first as we experience our world and lives… then our minds give meaning and form to what was seen)…

I am focused on now… in this inquiry… and way of being, doing, seeing, loving, and living

My Moment to Moment Inquiry


  • When I wake in the morning… I ask myself…
  • What joy and love can I create today?
  • What inspired action feels good to take, make, and have this morning?

Then throughout the day… I ask myself…

  • What would feel joyful to create now… in this moment?
  • What do I see that feels joyful now… in this moment?

I then focus my full attention on my unique decision and choice maker using the intelligence and wisdom of my entire body…  I focus my attention on it, breathe breath all over and around it, and see it.   And Poof… an answer comes from within… that I hear… and it feels magical, delightful, and I get stuff done to boot.

I had to unlearn the ways I learned to thing… from schools, work, people in my life, experts, consultants, many books, coaches etc… anything that told me how and what to do… to live this way.

The results doing, being, living and loving this way in my life are:

  • Freedom to Be
  • No more pressure to produce or do
  • Living and choose from an inspired and conscious space
  • Being in the now
  • Joyful living
  • and so much more…

You too have your own unique decision and choice maker too!  Schedule your session now to find out what yours is!

And… YES… you can leverage this approach in your work/job too… even if you are not ‘The Boss’.

Create Your Narrative…Your Story… In the Now… Consciously

Book Lady Magic Create Dp74280265

I invite you to consciously create your narrative… Because… You are creating it anyway… through your eyes, feelings, thinkings, and beliefs.

Stop letting it just happen.  Instead of letting life happen to you… Become and Be a conscious and joyful creator of your narrative and story.  Stories don’t get written after they happen… they are created and written in the moment… and the next moment.  So… you have a choice in the narrative that gets created!

In each moment… as you see, think, and feel…


If what you see + your related thoughts and feelings are anything other than a ‘feel good’ and joy… STOP.  That is your internal angel saying… Not This… Not Now.. and go back to the inquiry steps above.

Your eyes are truly the windows to your soul and to your heart.

Hugs, Love, and Magic,
Dr. Dar


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