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The Be Stress Free Podcast

Fear, What It Is, How It Shows Up, and What to Do About It

Today we are talking about:  Fear, what it is, how and why it manifests, its disguises, and what to do about it.

I believe that if each person had less stress and fear in their lives, our world would be more harmonious.  To me fear is a stress and the source of all that is wrong in our world, does not feel good, and causes people to be mean or mistreat people.  I know when I am fearful, my body gets stressed and reacts, my emotions are off kilter, and I don’t communicate, make choices, or act in a way that produces the results I seek or want and it makes others not feel good.

Fears start manifesting in our minds and bodies when we first out of alignment with who we are, with our needs, or are dealing with what we think is an unresolvable problem. pain and are acknowledged or coddled when young and in pain or we don’t know how to navigate the pain when young so we do anything we can to avoid it.

Fear shows up as blocks, limiting beliefs, frustration, anger, anxiety, lack of forward movement, being stuck, being emotional, mental anguish, not being able to figure a way out of it and more.

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