Your Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker

A reflective framework to track and plan your daily routines, nurture your nature, partner with your energy, and manifest your desires.


You’ve excitedly unpacked dozens of beautiful, popular planners that sadly end up barely used and gathering dust.

You’ve tried all (okay, most) of the planners, trackers, and daytimers…
Starting strong and excited only to have to-do’s and tasks that leave you unfulfilled…

…there’s no place to track your emotions and environmental
influences on your life.
OR you feel stuck trying to find inspiration…remembering those
moments that felt easy and in the flow…
…there’s nowhere in a regular planner to track that!
Or when you want rituals for living, but your last planner talked
about meal planning, plans for dating or romance, workout mantras
or mindful affirmations, which is fine…
…but those are NOT the rituals you mean. 

Deep down, you know there has to be a different way.

Higher Self - Dr. Dar Hawks

A way that honors you.

A way that energetically fulfills you AND helps you accomplish your life goals.

Not just a to-do list, but a “to-be”list (because a fulfilling life is more about “being” instead of “doing”.)

A way that feels good to the core of your being.

A place where you can…
…write out the things that make you feel good about yourself,
…plan your life based on your design,
…and organize your work based on the cycles that work for you all in one place. feel good personal energy tracker


What if you had a customizable planner that’s easy to
use with pages to manage your body energy system,
track moon phases, align with the 12 Areas of Life
and so much more?

Not your typical planner… feel good personal energy tracker

Where every page you turn there are lessons, reminders, activities, or something interesting to read.

A book that gives clear-cut information about specific cycles of your life, making each month a new and exciting discovery.

One where you’ll be able to go so much deeper into your inner life that it transforms your outer life – and your to-do list.

Where you see things in a new way, feel supported by the Universe, and finally understand your life’s journey…without having to spend years in self-discovery or therapy. feel good personal energy tracker


Now, that’s something that an every day generic to-do list planner can’t do.

2021-Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker-Dr. Dar Hawks
Feel Good Energy Tracker Contents - Dr. Dar Hawks

Here is a snippet sneak peak at the contents and back of the Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker and life planner.  

Digital Feel Good Energy Tracker Mockup - Dr. Dar Hawks

Here’s a view of the google calendar digital tracker for your phone, tablet or pc with energy astrology and electromagnetic influences for each day.

Cover Annual Plan Monthly Weekly Circle Mockup - Dr. Dar Hawks - Feel Good Energy Tracker

Here’s a peak at a few of the Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker pages – it’s a versatile planner for managing your energy (and time if you choose).

Connect with your Feel Good Superpower & Kryptonite strategy
to take your life in a new direction

When you connect with each of your superpowers and use them to reflect, analyze, and even celebrate your interactions each day, you’ll see a pattern emerge with how you feel and what you create and receive overtime.

By tracking and using the five feel-good superpowers, your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being is enhanced, naturally.

Feel Good Superpower - Love And Belonging
Feel Good Superpower Of Power - Dr. Dar Hawks
Feel Good Superpower - Freedom- Dr. Dar Hawks
Feel Good Superpower - Fun- Dr. Dar Hawks
Feel Good Superpower - Survival/Thriving- Dr. Dar Hawks

Partner With Mother Moon

The moon represents your inner well-being and her energy supports you with doing and being.

The thing is, no one taught you about her energies in quite this way.

The external world focuses on the Sun and how we need to SHINE outside.

But introverts, empaths, feelers, seekers, sensitives and ambiverts are not always BRIGHT and ON (it feels exhausting – right?)

You’ve been taught to always be on your A-Game. And… that just does not work.

And you end up feeling disappointed, while you judge and criticize yourself for
failing at being ON all the time.

So what do you do when you’re not the sun…all bright and shiny and on display for the world to see?

The Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker partners your energy with the energy of the four main phases of the moon: Full, Waning, Waxing, and New Moon.

And, aligns with the feels and energies of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

The moon moves through the energies of fire, earth, air and water every few days.

That’s why you get a lot done on some days, feel more emotional on other days, want to laze around/veg and dream on other days, or get your best ideas and thinking done on other days.

With the energy of the moon comes a profound understanding of your being and doing.

Which leads to…

Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker - Phases Of The Moon - Dr. Dar Hawks
Yin Yang Icon - Dr. Dar Hawks - Trans

The Power of Feeling Good

When you start tracking, you’ll see your own natural patterns emerge.

You’ll understand how to honor and respect them, and embrace your divinely given genius.

You’ll know the energetic influences that support you – and those that don’t.

You’ll put an end to:

  • Self-doubt
  • Criticism
  • Judgment
  • Feeling defeated
  • Beating yourself up
  • Being upset about mistakes or failures
  • Feeling criticized by others
  • Or even hitting rock bottom

By your third month, you’ll be able to plan according to your natural cycles so that you succeed, feel good, and are fulfilled every day!

You’ll also begin to notice the times when you get things done and the times when you don’t. So, each time they show up, you’ll be ready.

Before you know it, you’ll be vibrating with joy, ease, and flow while seeing all that you have wanted show up in your life.  Manage your energy, not your time.

    Yin Yang Icon - Dr. Dar Hawks - Trans
    Fire Element - Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker - Dr. Dar Hawks
    Earth Element - Dr. Dar Hawks

    Life’s Big Picture

    There’s no guessing…
    It’s all in the feel good personal energy tracker!

    At the beginning of the personal energy tracker, there’s easy to read summary lessons of:

    • Superpowers and Kryptonite – know your energy, when it’s in feel-good flow or when it’s not
    • Emotions and Feeling Check-in – awareness of your emotions in your body and your feelings response
    • The 9 Energy Centers in your body – how they connect with your body’s wisdom way before your brain can process the flow of attraction, or  repulsion
    • The Universal Laws – know how these laws from Physics help manifest and receive your desired results
    • The 5 Elements and Life Force – how they all influence your body’s energy system,
    • The 12 Departments in Life – understand your inner self and how to manifest the desired results you want in your life
    • The 12 Archetypes in Human Patterns – these are the patterns that you go through in life
    • And the Moon Calendar – so you can tap into the potential of each different moon and how to invite the moon phase energies to support you in feeling good, getting a lot done, and being your own boss.
    Air Element - Dr. Dar Hawks
    Water Element - Dr. Dar Hawks

    Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker pages
    that are fully customizable

    • The Moon Calendar
    • 2021 Desired Results with:
      • Home
      • Day to Day
      • My Work
      • Me Time
      • My Finances
      • Love and Relationship
      • Family and Friends
      • How I Feel
    • Tracker Energy Icon Key (Archetypes, Moon, Planets, Zodiac, Elements, and more)
    • Monthly Calendar Tracking
    • Weekly Planning Sheets
    • Daily Element Pattern Tracking
    • The MAJOR things I want to receive this year
    • My Highest Good Plan for this week
    • My Highest Good Reflections for this week
    • Monthly Mood Tracker
    Spiral Circle Icon - Dr. Dar Hawks Dt

    Partner with your energy to shift from a
    To-Do List to your To-Be List by feeling good

    • Partner with your energy instead of resisting it
    • Nurture your energy instead of fighting it
    • Shift from a to-do list to a To-Be list mindset
    • Stop the continuous, never-ending exercise of looking outside yourself for answers
    • Feel healed instead of the never-ending process of healing
    • Create self-love and connect with a deeper love that is so satisfying and fulfilling
    • Honor your innate nature and patterns instead of fighting to fit into a box
    • Shift from being a consumer to being a ‘haver’ – to have more time, money, and energy
    • Create a connection with cosmic astrological energy and patterns to understand yourself more clearly and deeply
    Flower Of Life - Dr. Dar Hawks - Dt

    Your Energy is Precious
    Get your Feel Good Personal
    Energy Tracker Today

    Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

    By using the Feel Good Personal Energy Tracker each day, you will:

    • Feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships
    • Know when to plan the things you have on your Doing List, so they effortlessly and joyfully get done
    • Understand your natural patterns
    • Release your self-judgments because you understand your energy
    • Stop pushing yourself only to not succeed – because you now have the secret to planning your to-do list
    • Find that you are both a starter and a finisher
    • Stop blaming and shaming yourself
    • Start honoring yourself
    • Realize you are a creator, a magnet for all things feel-good, and are surrounded by loving, supportive energy
    • Get more meaningful sh*t accomplished than ever before (need to reword this) – from joy and aligned feel good vibe
    • Say no to what does not feel good – and feel good about it!
    • Love yourself…Love Your life!

    Due to the nature of the downloadable files and the printed version of the tracker that is ordered on demand, there are no refunds for these products and any associated services.  I want you to receive the most out of the tracker.  Please contact me with any questions and let’s get this tracker working for you.

    Need a little 1:1 support?
    Book your personal session with me for only $197

    We’ll walk through the planner and feel good personal energy tracker together so you understand your energy and how each piece of your Feel Good Strategy, your design, your archetypes, and the moon phases, etc. to create your life picture.  Get all your questions answered.

    We’ll also walk through an entire month of desired outcome planning together so you’re really clear on using your feel good personal energy tracker for your highest good.

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