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The Feel Good Superpowers are about managing your personal energy and the energy around you. 

You are bombarded with energy constantly in the form of thoughts, emotions, opinions, information, data, analysis, criticism, advertising, marketing, emails, choices, etc… from yourself and from the outside world… and it is mentally draining, physically exhausting, and yet you still push yourself to do more, to make a difference, and to care about others at home, with family and friends, and at work.

But… if you know what your feel-good superpower is… then you can stop taking in any energy that does not serve your highest feel goodness state.  You can maintain your energy and even restore it every day.

Read these directions carefully before starting the Feel Good Superpower quiz.

  1.  The Feel Good Superpower Quiz.  Each section has five (5) clusters of words.
  2. Select the cluster of words that inspire, motivate, and naturally bring out the best in you without effort or hard work
  3. Assign one of these numbers 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 to each cluster of words, where 5 is the most inspiring or best and 1 is the least. The total of the numbers on each page must equal 15.
  4. You can only use each number (1 through 5) only once in each section.
  5. Enter your email address so I can send you your results. Remember to click submit.

Once you click submit, you will receive the following feel goodies:

  • My Feel Good Superpower Guide as a gift.  Be sure to read the emails you will get in your inbox.  Download and read the guide, there are some feel good tips on how to understand others so that you can even more helpful.
  • An email with your feel good superpower quiz entries within an hour or less.
  • Learn about your Feel Good Superpower and how to use it in your life and relationships.
  • Additional emails, announcements, and offers that help you feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships

Thank you for going through the directions; you’re ready to now take the quiz.

Feel Good Superpower - Love and Belonging

Adapted from Inspiring the Best in Students by Jonathan C. Erwin (2010). Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Used with permission.

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