Go Deeper with the Five

Relationship Languages™ Quiz

Go deeper with the five relationship languages quiz, learn your top two and worst relationship language so that you know what to do to strengthen your relationships, improve your communication, and create harmony between you.

The quiz has 5 sections, beginning with section 1 below.
You will see a down arrow next to the number 5. Choose the number that best reflects the importance of the group of words to you.  You can only a number one time.  1 is least important to you, and 5 is most important.  

Each section will be calculated for you and must = 15.  If you don’t see 15 in the score field, you’ve duplicated a in that section.  Review your answers and ensure you selected a different number for each statement.

Go to section one below and start taking the quiz. 
Once you complete section one, you can click next to go to the next section until you get to the final section when you can click submit.

The Go Deeper Relationship Languages Quiz

Adapted from Inspiring the Best in Students by Jonathan C. Erwin (2010). Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Used with permission.

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Section One

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