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Dr. Dar Hawks

The Time Has Come

The Pain Is Not Serving Me

The Pain Is Keeping Me Stuck

The Memory of the Bullies, Jerks, Power-Hungry Takers and The Experiences With Them

Is No Longer Serving Me or You

Today, is the day to move on.

Today, is the day to say no more to the memories that no longer serve me or you.

Today is the day to say I am free.

Today is the day to see it differently.

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What if? 

Shift from Sh*t to Shine

What if they were there to cause transformation by ruffling feathers, causing disruption, creating resistance, pushing their agenda and power?

What if they were the messenger to us saying our time in that experience was complete?

What if they were saying they believed in you, by taking away all you had worked to build, criticizing you, or asking you to do more with less?

What if the discrimination you experienced was the path for you to embrace your own gifts and unique talents by them shining a light on them?

What if that freed you up to do something else, perhaps something bigger, better, and more aligned?

What’s Freedom?

I have learned that fighting does not serve my highest good.

For me, the peaceful way is the path towards mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

I have learned that pushing others does not serve my or their highest good.

For me, having conversations and meaningful dialogues to arrive at a collaborative approach does serve my and their highest good.

I have learned that pushing myself does not serve my highest good.

For me, choosing aligned actions with my Relationship Superpower and then fulfilling them when inspired does serve my highest good.

I have learned that when something does not feel good, don’t do anything.

For me, being the observer in the moments is the key to transformation.  The moment when things don’t feel good does pass.  The times I chose to stand up, fight, take actions when those moments transpired did not serve my highest good.  Waiting while observing to see how everything landed, then checking in for an alignment and what feels good or does not has served my highest good and that of others.  When things or situations don’t feel good, I check in with my Feel Good Superpower (which I learned from this quiz) and find ways to satisfy that need in other ways until things calm down.

I have learned that when I feel threatened or unsafe, I must make choice to restore my safety and survival needs.

For me, only I can make choices to restore or reconnect my safety and survival needs regardless of what others are doing or saying.

I have learned that holding onto what others did that did not feel good or did not serve my highest good or that of others, is a recipe for being unwell.

For me, letting go has been a process.  But, my left brain has hung onto the memory and I need to change the program that is running in my head and memory.

It is time to release.  No more reflection.  No more retrospection.  No more lessons from those past events.

There is nothing more to learn.  It is done.

It is time to say Goodbye, Adios, Sayonara to what happened, and to all those who participated in it.

It is time to release the cellular memory.  When the memory shows up again, say Goodbye.

That is all there is to do.

To program a new story.  A story that serves your highest good.

Say Goodbye to the thought and associated emotion.

The situation has passed.  It is in the past.  The memory and thought are just stuck in the head and the emotion in the body.

Saying Goodbye when they show up will result in letting them and it go.

Be Free Divine Being.  

Of the mental chains and cellular memories that do not serve your highest good…
Say Goodbye when they show up.


They will show up less and less.

Until they no longer are present for you.

Say Goodbye.

To Release.

With Love.

What Is Possible Now?

I left the place, the job, the city, and the people.

It was a hard transition after choosing to fight the establishment.

It was what was necessary to create possibility.

It opened my eyes and heart to another way of living.

One that is honoring, respectful, and loving.

No more competing.  No more fighting.

More peace, joy, ease, freedom, and fulfillment.

Plus more quality time in my head, body and heart.

Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Honor your path, ways, values, and needs.

Nurture your nature.

Find your space and place.

Be Free.

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