Freedom Is About Being A Woman in 2022



Dr. Dar Hawks

I’m intending… wanting… to post quotes about freedom starting today going into next week.
Not the external controlled kind of freedom that we’re experiencing as women and men who support/promote them as equals…
But the internal kind of freedom… the kind that you feel from your toes to your crown.
The kind that no one can take away from you.
I’ve been contemplating Viktor Frankl… albeit I still need to read his book cover to cover Man’s Search for Meaning, and Yes to Life In Spite of Everything…
The pull to read the books in entirety is I think largely due to what we as unliberated women are experiencing right now. I sense that he found freedom. (look up his name if you don’t know who he is and was)
As women, we are being called to release all of our past suffering so that we can stand tall and ask for what we need, want, and dream… out loud… not as a meek wish, or soft doubtful voice.
But that voice of conviction, that voice that knows it is already yours to have.
I have learned that being provoked by the words and actions, or lack of… never served me well.
It put me into a state of suffering, judgment, criticism, the desperate need to prove contrary to what was said/done, self-blame… or go deeper into doing whatever I could to keep the peace.
Until, I saw that freedom meant no longer being provoked by others which meant allowing them to be, do, say whatever was real for them in the moment… without being upset or triggered.
And, if I did get triggered…
Start seeing it as an opportunity to investigate, assess, evaluate, and perhaps heal what was surfacing…
A gift if you will…
That really had nothing to do with what that other person said or did…
And everything to do with something lacking in myself for myself… not from the other person…
A need, a desire, a want… or it was just a chance for me to be clear about myself, my needs, wants, and desires.
Through being clear, I could answer the question What Do I Want for Myself? What Do I Need for Myself?
Without the bit about ‘from this person’ in the question.
In my Freedom Pie –
This is a quarter pie of what Freedom. Is. To. And, For. Me.
Heart if this resonates!
Share if this resonates.
And, say Hi I feel this too if you do.
Oh, I’d like to know if Freedom is your relationship language.
Take the Relationship Languages Quiz – link in comments
Freedom is my secondary relationship language… so I am going below the surface to surface what freedom means to me as a woman.

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