Hoarding Food is a Thing – Transforming My Attachment to Food



Dr. Dar Hawks

Hoarding Food Is  A Thing

Food Hoarding Is A Thing - Dr. Dar Hawks

It has been interesting to experience using up everything in my fridge and freezer (including my freezer in the garage).

Feeling comfy with an empty fridge was a healing process I never anticipated. You see, I love preparing meals for my family. It is a passion as a giver and service provider. I have a gift for being able to whip up something delish in a jiffy…as long as I have ingredients on hand.

A gift I attribute to my mom who is an incredible cook…

I am salivating just contemplating her foods.

Here’s what I have learned:

Hoarding food is a thing

The reality is running out of food is scary and suffocating.  Food hoarding happens to be one of seven types of hoarding and is connected to emotional wellness… or lack thereof.

    1. I had to feel those feels to recognize how that fear was old programming perhaps even generational and societal… I had to feel the fear of not having food, of being uncomfortable with empty space in my freezer and fridge, and feeling the intense need for food hoarding, to get to the recognition and acceptance that I am blessed to live near grocery stores and can purchase anything I need at any time… During grocery open hours.
    2. I can see working with limited ingredients as an adventure… And expansion and exploration of culinary creativity… and maybe this will expand my artistic pursuits (I’ve recently taken up painting with acrylics, mixed media, and doodling).
    3. Having an empty fridge and freezer gives me space to breathe if I allow it. Instead of fear and suffocation of a cramped space or fear of having empty space. As an asthmatic, this is a huge awareness.
    4. My fridge and freezer will look like new when they get unpacked in our next home in AZ… Because they are getting a deep clean now.

As a seasoned relational project manager by trade, I don’t have to plan food-related things like a 3, 6, or 12-month project. I could do it weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly and still feed n nurture my family. And gave breathing space in these 2 appliances.

There are so many facets to healing and transformation and they show up in unexpected places.  When they surface, we’re given a gift to look at it in a different light… to acknowledge, love, transform, and transcend… not criticize, self-deprecate, or dive into a spiral of more of the unpleasant behavior.

As a healer, coach, and mentor, I walk my talk and share my process with my clients, warts and all

Everything I teach, coach, or mentor has been trialed and used successfully in my own life and relationships. It is about integrity, reciprocity, credibility, and value as a giver.

The place to start your transformation and deprogramming is in the relationship you have with yourself and all that encompasses. For me, this week, it was recognizing I had an intense attachment to having a packed to the gills fridge and freezer and seeing I had an inclination towards food hoarding on a mini-scale due to my attachment to space being filled up in my freezer and fridge.

And if you want a loving, nurturing, supportive partner on the road to transformation and your healed state, let me know. I’m here for you. 

Contact me today https://drdar.com/contact


Breathing Space - In My Fridge And Freezer - Food Hoarding No More - Dr. Dar Hawks

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