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The question I get asked the MOST by clients is:

“How can I , build a brand, and become known for something….in the easiest possible way?”

Before I tell you how I like to do it, first understand that – like everything – it’s a relationship. There’s no magic bullet. No fast-track. It takes time.

But there is one amazing method I know that helps build those relationships in a quick and effortless way without too much hassle:


What I mean by that is to involve them in the process.

Because what we often see online is a lot of messages being thrown at us. Lots of “buy me now” marketing and shouting at people, trying to get through the noise.

Fortunately, there are two ways to get around this that I’ve found work really well:

  1. First, show empathy. Show that you understand your audience and what they want.

  2. And second, make the relationship interactive.

Because as humans, we all want connection and we want to feel understood. 

When we feel understood and connected to someone, a relationship develops, and trust develops. And once we have that, we become loyal to that brand.

And if we’ve developed that loyalty, we’re much more likely to buy from that brand AND refer other people.

Which is exactly the kind of relationship we want to have with our customers, right?


The easiest way to do this I have found is to give them something to talk about.

See, when you just give information, there’s really nothing for them to talk about. There’s no motivation for them to want to share or engage with it.

Even if you’re sharing a great piece of information, something that might help with their business, there’s just nothing for them to really talk about.

So what I do – and I’ve done this in my business very successfully – is build a quiz.


When I first started out in my business, I wanted to understand my audience more. And I found when I was in Facebook groups, emailing or whatever – people had the same kind of problems coming up.

They were really struggling to identify their unique brand personality and brand voice and then craft that into a message that helped them stand out..

After listening to that is when I created my first quiz – the Brand Archetype Quiz. Which has recently been relaunched as the Brand Power Persona quiz.

This quiz gave me a way to understand my audience. I set it up so that when people answered certain questions, they could understand themselves and their brand. And at the same time, it also gave me insight into them.

The information I gathered with the quiz allowed me to segment my audience. Which made it easy to say, “Hey, you put your hand up and showed me these are the things you’re struggling with, this is your brand personality, and this is where you want to go. You might find this information more relevant.”


So it’s a two way relationship. They get something they want to share. Because they’re like “Hey this is my brand personality! I’m going to share that with other people and ask them what theirs is.” 

And it gives them a point of interaction straight away. Meanwhile, it gives me insight into understanding them so I can create with what they need in mind, rather than just guessing.

This year I also did a brand strength quiz. And that was really interesting, as well. Because I was able to look at my audience and see what stage they were at in growing their brand.

Whether they were in that first 1-3 years where they struggle to identify their audience and their message. Or they were in the 3-5 years stage where they understand their audience and message but they want to grow and scale.

So, now I know I have these 2-3 different segments of my audience, all with slightly different problems. And I don’t have to just shout at them with everything I have when I send an email.

Instead, I can email them thinking about THEIR problems and the stage they are at in their business. I can and tailor solutions specifically for them.

Because we all want things to feel personal. We want someone to have a solution to our specific problem. Not a big generic problem but a specific problem.


Want to know my strategy for putting lead generating quizzes together?

I created this free Quiz Method Masterclass where I talk through the exact steps and strategy I used to put my own quiz together and grow my audience by about 1500 subscribers in only 3 weeks!! 

And here’s the thing – these subscribers were the right people.

The kind of people who wanted to hear from me and wanted what I had to offer and therefore we have that relationship.

So rather than putting out yet another free pdf and getting lots of deadwood on my email list who just unsubscribed and deleted the pdf, never to be read, I created a quiz that gave them insight into their brand.

And in return, they gave me insight into them. 

It created a beautiful, holistic relationship.

So in the Free Quiz Method Masterclass, I share with you:

  • how to identify your big idea

  • what you should form your quiz around

  • how to create your quiz and write headlines that capture attention

  • the kind of software I used with my quiz. (Which, btw, is super easy to use and implement on any system. And also really reliable and really cheap. No tech skill needed).

As you can tell, I think a quiz is a really valuable way to understand your audience, to reach them, and to market with them instead of at them.

And if you too want a marketing strategy that grows your business effortlessly, I invite you to watch my Free Quiz Method Masterclass and start building your own lead generating quiz!

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People Want to Feel Good - Take the Feel Good Superpower Quiz
People Want to Feel Good - Take the Feel Good Superpower Quiz