The How to Heal Past Relationships Quiz

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Welcome to the How to Heal
Past Relationships Quiz


You’ve hopped from one relationship to another, had issues with your parents as relationship role models, or feel unsupported in your current relationship. 

You prefer being in a relationship than being alone. 

You’re still carrying pain from past romantic and non-romantic relationships. 

And your feelings get hurt easily because of it. heal past relationships quiz

You want to work on yourself, improve your relationship and communication skills but don’t know where to start.

This quiz will help you clearly and specifically identify your strengths and where you need to learn and grow your relationship and communication skills.  You’ll gain confidence and control of your thoughts and feelings… and know the value you bring to your professional and romantic relationships. Heal past relationships quiz

Remember: Trust your 1st Answer in the Heal from Past Relationships Quiz.

This is not a pass/fail quiz as you get in school.  If you’re convincing yourself it’s not that bad and choose a higher score, I invite you to be brutally honest with yourself instead of trying to sugarcoat it. If you find your mind doubting or questioning your answer, I invite you to resist changing it. This is your opportunity to know what you need and require in a relationship, which skills to learn, and how to be happy with yourself again. heal past relationships quiz

Focus your attention and your breath on your heart.  Gently tap the center of your chest 2 inches below your neck 3 times to energetically connect your mind and heart.  Keep your feet grounded on the floor.  Take 3 deep breaths… and begin. fix your marriage relationship quiz for couples

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Your score will be automatically calculated. Do not enter anything in this field.
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