Human Design
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Important question for you…

Now that you have your Human Design Chart and introduction reading,

Do you know how to use your human design energy, type, and strategy to interact, collaborate, and connect with others?

Have you learned to honor your human design to be healed from issues from past relationships with family, friends, managers, or loved ones?

Are you able to release generational trauma?

Or are you…

Still seeking answers and healing for current or past relationship issues that
create anxiety, worry, and wakeful nights.

You’ve taken personality tests to try and understand the difficult people in your life…

But… even after completing Myers-Briggs, Big 5, Enneagram, Strengths Finder
or any other personal(ity) assessments…

You’re still wondering why they keep hurting your feelings, don’t notice how much you care or do for them, treat you like a check mark on their to do list, or why they’re unable to understand much less provide emotional support.

You’ve heard that like attracts like, opposites attract, or you feel an energetic connection in some of your relationships… but that’s confusing too.

You sense there’s something to the energetic connection between people that either works or doesn’t but you don’t know how to tap into that knowledge in your relationships.

You want to know how to be of service in your relationships without being taken advantage of… or

You want to stop having guilt trips when others try to manipulate or control you…

And… you want to have harmony, respect, and receive more in your relationships… because you give so much and would love to be on the receiving end for a change?

With all the time you’ve spent online searching for answers to your deeper questions…


  • Why do they treat me so horribly?
  • Will this relationship ever get any better?
  • Can I stop being confronted with negative patterns of narcissistic behavior?
  • What am I doing wrong in this relationship?
  • How can I survive the lack of emotional support, intimacy, connection, or understanding in this relationship?
  • What can I do to stand up for myself and feel good about saying no?
  • What can I do to stop being taken advantage of, manipulated, or controlled?
  • How can I stop feeling unfulfilled, insecure, or unsafe in my relationship? and so much more…

…searching reddit forums, scrolling through Facebook groups, trying to get support from your in-laws or family members, or reading the latest relationship advice column… only finding that the info doesn’t quite hit the mark.

I mean…it could sound like you…sorta…
but you feel something is missing.

Searching for the relationship fix that restores your joy and laughter… trying tools, readings, or even therapy on your own… only to
find yourself in the same place…

Ignored? Taken for Granted? Misunderstood?

Then keep reading…

Because what follows could be another way to
tap into shifting the energy in your relationship from angst and worry to love, acceptance, and connection.

human design relationship coaching

Better Than The Disc Assessment - The Body Energy Map With Dr. Dar Hawks
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 Here’s the thing…

There are more assessments than ever before.

…Myers Briggs
…Big 5
…Strengths Finder

Not to mention astrology charts, readings of all kinds (Psychic, Angel, Tarot) that only touch the surface…

And not that any of those methods are wrong or ineffective. Human Design for People Pleasers, Givers, and Service Providers

It’s just that they’re…


There is still something missing…
You just haven’t quite put it all together to fit you and your specific relationship concerns.

And… you still don’t know how to apply or use those tools to help you and your relationship.

Or, you got frustrated and just stopped looking for those answers altogether because they don’t work,  they don’t tell you how to use them to fix your relationship problem… or you feel there are just too many words and symbols and signs for you to be able to make sense of it.

The answers you want are just. not. there.

With all the time, effort and unwavering commitment to yourself and your relationship you DESERVE to know more.

You deserve to fully understand how to “be happy about who you are and what you bring to your relationship… and have a happy relationship” all while aligning with your goals, values, ideals and even your dreams.

You deserve to know how to thrive in a relationship.

It doesn’t require belief or faith – religious, analytical or otherwise.

You deserve to have that deeper, fulfilling awareness for yourself and your relationship.

You deserve to have clarity and understanding of your energy leaks and how to use your energy to make your relationship great, not just in the moment, but every day…

And even how to make them change theirs. human design relationship coaching

Best Alternative To Enneagram - Dr. Dar Hawks Body Energy Map

Come here…just a little closer and say hello to –

The Human Design

Relationship Connection Map

Because you deeply crave guidance to see that your needs in this relationship are valid, and your feelings are too… rather than being made to believe they aren’t…
Or let go of being all and doing all for the sake of your relationship… to keep the peace… and survive…When deep down you just want to feel like you belong, be loved, understood, respected, and honored. Human Design Relationship Coaching

The Relationship Energy Map With Icons - Dr. Dar Hawks

You are energy. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, interaction and behaviors create energy. Your relationship is energy.  You and your partner are energy. Change your energy and your relationship will change. – Dr. Dar

Dr. Dar Hawks - Feel Good Energy Alchemist - Headshot

Hi I’m Darshana…Dr. Dar.

I’ve been working with energy, well, ever since I can remember… I just did not know it as a child. You see, I believe as people pleasers, we work with energy around us all the time… we just don’t know it!

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom in my life that I decided I needed to see my life, and the energies at play, in a new way. A way outside of what I had been taught in the past.  A way to learn about my environment and human energy patterns.

(I know, it sounds like a paradox.)

This way of being, having, and doing was always in me, I just needed to see it and feel it in a way that worked…for me. A way that honored human beings as holistic, multi-dimensional, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional energy.

Not by someone else’s prescribed dictated one size fits all model or method – that felt yucky to me – my body just felt repelled, revolted… and dishonored.

What I discovered is that this energy honoring way was something so natural, already present in the deepest part of me that it was like “remembering” what I knew all along. 

So I dove in. I learned. I FELT, SENSED, HEARD, and UNDERSTOOD the energy. More importantly I felt the shift… and it just got better and better.

As a 4/6 Mental Projector, my Human Design Relationship Map helped me naturally release past trauma and transform my relationships to become mutually reciprocal and harmonious, giving, and loving.

Because I understand what it is like to have a people pleasing personality in a world and relationships that don’t cater to us, I bring a unique approach to this body of work I call the Human Design Relationship Map.  

And because of my deep work and studies, I’m able to bring this to you in a simple, understandable and honoring way that works for you… that honors you as a people pleaser and giver.

I invite you to work with me as your trusted advisor, facilitator, and coach to learn about your human design relationship map to heal yourself and your relationship. Human Design for People Pleasers

Recognize your energy in a unique way

The Relationship Energy Map, your human design, can help you grasp and recognize your energy, your unique way of operating in the world…to literally lead you to happiness and fulfillment in your life.

You’ll find the deeper parts of yourself like…  Human Design for People Pleasers

Who you are really meant to be, not the person that other people said you should be like.

What relationships will thrive for you and how to recognize the ones that won’t.

How to feel good in all parts of your life and be happy and satisfied with your decisions.

And you can start to experiment with it right away and see how it works, and
what happens when you finally find your path.

We’re all unique human beings and feel encouraged to explore the different aspects of energy in our own way.

That’s what makes work with the Body Energy Map different.

Learning about your energy in your body, how and when it ebbs and flows, and how to understand
what happens to it when you’re in contact with 
others and in your environments
has a direct connection to feeling good 
about yourself, your life, work, and relationships. 

Turn the corner on your own energy and go from feeling:

  • Taken advantage of, manipulated, blamed, criticized, or judged
  • Exhausted – even from the little things
  • Anxious – when you really thought your day was going well
  • Frustrated – because you can’t seem to control things
  • Defensive – it seems like it’s becoming your natural state these days
  • Nervous – because it feels like no one else understand or gets it
  • Fearful – being stuck is not the way you want to live your life
  • Angry – things just should feel this damn hard
  • Sad – because you know there is more to your life
  • Disgusted – by compromising who you are for the sake of others.
    Body Energy Map – Human Design for People Pleasers
Yin Yang Icon - Dr. Dar Hawks - Trans

To following your unique energy strategy

and feeling:

  • Harmony, joy, love, freedom, and fun in your life – just about every day.
  • Balanced so you don’t have to fight or work so daggum hard in your life – and feel good about taking needed time off

  • Satisfied and energized by the decisions you make – and it feels so natural.

  • Happy about…well everything. You see things in a new and exciting way.

  • Surprised that life feels more simple and easy.

  • Confident in communicating and connecting with family members without conflict – and that makes everyone feel good.

  • Surprised or joyful at how your energy and vibe brings results without having to work darned hard for it – energy doing the walking and talking.

  • Ease of making decisions – ones that felt difficult in the past now feel straightforward. Human Design for People Pleasers
Happy Button - Feel Good Superpowers - Body Energy Map - Dr. Dar Hawks

Everything is Energy

Using your Body Energy Map makes it easy for you to understand and work with your own energy while feeling good every day

You have your own way of using energy to either serve your highest good or not.

And here’s the thing, energy can neither be created nor destroyed…
it just IS.

It can only be transferred or changed from one form to another, like pouring water from one glass to another. Or transforming it from warm to ice-cold by changing the temperature.

  • Your Mind, Body, and Soul Are Energy.
  • Your environment and activities influence your energy (and vice versa).

  • People influence your energy (and vice versa).
  • Your emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories, responses, reactions, triggers, and body have energy.

So understanding how to work with the energy in your life will help you be in flow with your world and all the energies that touch you.

See, energy moves throughout your body in multiple ways.

Your energy determines whether you feel good or not… are happy or not.

And each part of your body draws in energy, sends it out, or stores it

You also need to be aware that many things affect energy and how you absorb or process it including: words (you’ve felt during inspiring talk or heated arguments), thoughts (self talk is a biggie), feelings (like love, joy, anxiety or anger), environment (open and flowing or closed and uncomfortable), other people (one person can uplift your while another can bring sadness), and even food, water, etc.

Knowing you have everything it takes to work with the energies around you gives you control and guidance to make necessary and fundamental decisions.

Your body energy map provides split-second solutions to:
  • Realize how energy affects you

  • Understand the ways you are affected by outside energy forces from other people and your environment

  • Have strategies on how to stop reacting, getting defensive, or angry when you get triggered

  • Check in with your body to see if what you are processing belongs to you or if you took on someone else’s ‘stuff’

  • Improve conflict in relationships

  • Gain an understanding of how other people’s reactions affect you and what to do about it

  • Know exactly where your vulnerabilities exist and how to protect them

  • Feel good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships each and every day!  Human Design for People Pleasers


Don’t worry, I won’t just plunk your map in your lap.

Here’s what you’ll get in your first session…

  • A 60 minute reading on the basics of your Body Energy Map so you understand:
    1. Your energy type and how it works
    2. Ways to leverage your body’s wisdom and give your mind/head brain a break
    3. Which areas in your body you take in other people’s stuff/energy and what to do about it
    4. How to differentiate your energy versus that of others
  • A recording of your session to re-listen whenever you need inspiration and reassurance
  • A transcript so you can go back and read or highlight important points for you and
  • A workbook to keep your notes and inspirations

  • 5 keys to being a healthy people pleaser who is appreciated, respected, and honored in all relationships
  • Answers to 3 questions you want… answered… or are dealing with now… in your life, work, or relationships.
  • And… we can schedule some follow up feel good sessions for times when you need a body energy map tune in and tune up

Are you ready to experience how it feels to move correctly in your life so you see the beauty of it, and begin to love yourself?

Questions And Answers With Dr. Dar Hawks

Some questions people have…

Transcend These Issues With Your

 Body Energy Map Reading

How Do I….

Connect with my feelings more, perhaps even stop being so emotional or sensitive

Those feelings sneak right up on us when we least expect it. Did you know we can be sponges for other people’s feelings and think they are our own. Having a map for how and where they sneak up, what they mean when they do, whether they are yours or not, and if and how to deal with them when they do will connect you with those feelings.

Deal with an overbearing or controlling person or situation in my life?

There is nothing like a buzz and vibe kill than feeling manipulated, controlled, or not having any freedom. We feel completely out of control, powerless, scared, weak, and even unsafe. And, reacting, getting defensive, or even standing up for yourself makes the other person get worse. You and I will look at your body energy map together with this specific person or situation in mind. You will have a standard go to strategy on how to manage your energy and emotions in the moment and will be able to prevent getting defensive, emotional, reactive, or even angry. You will be able to neutralize the other person’s negative behavior as well.

Learn about this on my own?

There is a lot of information about human design in the mainstream than ever before. I am finding there are many people who are not aligned with the sacredness of your energy and this body of knowledge.  They are in the ‘let me tell you what I know and think’ model. For example, I was just watching a video of someone talk about the energy types yesterday and promoting one type as the best type for manifesting. That is simply not true, nor is it how the body energy map works.  You can find lots of information online and even run your own chart… but just this morning I was looking at a chart a friend sent me that they pulled off a website… and it was wrong… it was incorrect.  That’s why I invite you to use your own discretion, caution, and discernment when doing this on your own.  I honor you, your energy, and what’s best and aligned for your highest good… in all ways… and always.

Work on a relationship with someone else who won’t participate in sessions with me?

The thing about your body energy map… and theirs… is that you don’t need to have them physically participate in the sessions with me.   By us tuning your energy and how it interacts with their energy in any situation… you will experience and learn how to transform it so that you have a different experience of them… with them.  Einstein said that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another” and that’s what we will do together, transform the energy!  This may sound foreign to you because we’ve all been taught to create or destroy through conversation and words we use… this is a different approach to thriving in your life and relationships.

Stop being negatively impacted by my mom, dad, sibling, in-laws… behavior, attitude and how they treat me?

Oh those childhood triggers pop up at the slightest look or words from our parents or other family member. It’s like we feel just like that little girl did when that memory of being treated that way appears again like it is happening right now. We act out and feel unfulfilled, misunderstood, and frustrated all over again. You see, we all have been conditioned through past experience and memory. We also have been trained to use our minds to solve everything. But emotions, feels, memories, and conditioning cannot always be solved logically or rationally… it can with your energy map, through a few simple tweaks to your energy.

Stop attracting the same thing over and over again

I don’t believe we are tested over and over again until we learn the lesson. Once you understand how energy works, couple that with how your energy works in your body energy map, and once you know your unique energy mantra of what to do, you will stop attracting the same thing over and over again… if you no longer want it.

Exhausted – a situation or relationship sucking the energy out of them

Ah the energy suckers drain the joy and life out of us, don’t they. It feels like we just cannot take on one more thing, make a decision, answer a question, and we just want to go to bed or sit mindlessly in front of a television or just be silent for several hours. And then, we still feel drained, physical, mental, emotionally and spiritually.

When you know how your energy flow works, you will have an almost automatic protection from other people’s energy suckers. It will take a bit of adjustment to the new body energy map way, but once you are comfy with it, you will be amazed at how much more energy, time, and joy you have in your life.

Want to leave a situation, relationship, job, home – but don’t know how

As women, we’ve been taught to stay, overlook an issue, avoid it, or just suck it up. So, it is even more difficult to make the choice to leave. On top of that feeling rejected, not belonging, and fear of the unknown add to that difficulty. When you align with your body energy, it becomes clear as to what feels good and what does not. It becomes simpler to see what can or cannot be done. And frankly, when something if flat out not working, cannot be transformed, or just is no longer in alignment with our Body Energy Map, our steps and path become crystal clear.

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