The Aligned Ideal Client Website Audit

To Assure You Attract Ideal Clients to Your Website

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The Aligned Ideal Client Website Audit

There is no shortage of opinion about what your website should look like and what it should say.

All you know right now… is that you are not attracting traffic, ideal clients, to your website… the way you want to.

And, some of you may have fun updating your site, images, and other content.  But… none of that is going to bring you more traffic and ideal clients until you’re clear about who that content is for… specifically, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  

Your website ought to be all about your dream ideal client, written for them and their needs, with a smidge of speckled content about you. If it’s not, they won’t stay awhile, visit you again, and they certainly won’t click a buy now button… nor will they contact you on social or through your site to learn more about how you can help them.

Think about how many websites you have visited recently and then left because they were either not what you were looking for, or you were just doing some research, or even worse, the website did not match up with what you were searching for to begin with. Ideal Client Website Audit for People Pleasers

Now think about that one site where you stayed, clicked on other pages while there, and saved the site so that you could come back again. Ideal Client Website Audit for People Pleasers

How did you feel when you looked at the page – the words, layout, pictures, videos, and tone?

Did you feel as though they were speaking directly to you, feeling how you’re feeling, honoring and respecting you?  Ideal Client Website Audit for People Pleasers

Did you feel as though that company or service provider genuinely cares about you?

Wouldn’t it feel good to have your dream ideal client visit your website and think ‘this is written just for me’, ‘I love the logo and pictures… it feels as though they were just for me’, and ‘I’ll stay awhile because I feel like this company Gets Me?! Ideal Client Website Audit

But it is gosh darned hard to work on alignment of your messaging with that of your ideal client on your own… and it’s even harder to get your service providers to understand the intricacies of the energy, feels, and actions you want to inspire your site visitors to take… in their voice… not yours. Ideal Client Website Audit

….Which is why we’ll focus on dream ideal client alignment first in your Website Audit. for People Pleasers

Together, we’ll align your message, imagery, content, beliefs and values, marketing, social media and technology action plans with your dream ideal client… Ideal Client Website Audit for People Pleasers

Then… we will work on what and how to get the search engines to recognize your website and put your ideal clients on that magic carpet as they ride on over to your website… this will take some effort and consistency on your part… I will guide you on what to do, when and how.

This is what makes us unique. Ideal Client Website Audit for People Pleasers

Our process leverages energetic alignment with ideal client discovery first, and then moves into the design or tweaking phase of setting up your website, and then to client attraction leveraging technology, your wisdom, and your inner marketing genius. 

By starting with first things first, you won’t be wasting time and money constantly and you will start attracting results… results that may not make sense now… because you will activate attraction energy within you to bring your ideal clients to you naturally. Ideal Client Website Audit for People Pleasers

If your website is not bringing you results and this resonates with you, let’s chat.  Click the button below to schedule your ‘no strings’ strategy session today.  Ideal Client Website Audit for People Pleasers

What We’ll Focus On Together In

The Ideal Client Aligned Website Audit

One Delicious Bite At A Time


Strategic Planning

Strategy Rocks Placed

Strategy is the key to knowing what to do and when in your business – behind the scenes and in front of your dream clients and includes automating processes anywhere we can to free your time up to do what you love and to serve your dream clients.

Stop rolling those gorgeous eyes.  I’m not talking about a thousand page document that collects inches of dust on the shelf! I’m talking about a 1 to 3 page guide and angel to have at your side throughout the year as you work in and on your business. Ultimately, this one thing will save you money and give you back precious time to be with your clients.

Audience Alignment

Bryan Minear Cloud Lightrays Know Techqueenjpg

All this talk about ideal clients and their profiles does not work for everyone.

If your business is not thriving, this is a place to start, not revisit.

I invite you to say goodbye to conventional and take a conscious energy alignment approach to knowing who you are here to serve, how you help them, what you do with them, and magnetic ways to find them.

Once you and I are solid with this, then everything else flows with joy and ease for content, client attraction, and website traffic generation.  Ideal client website audit I

Image Alignment

Eberhard Grossgasteiger Techqueen Imagery Message Alignmen

Once you’re reciprocally aligned with your audience… a.k.a. your dream client… then selecting your pictures, graphics, icons, logo, fonts, and other visuals becomes aligned to exactly what your dream client is looking for

…which makes connecting with your people, sharing what you do with them, and reaching out to them easier to do…

And you save money and have more time to enjoy yourself, life and business. Ideal client website audit 

Content Alignment

Content Alignment

Aligning your content and messaging with your audience and then sharing it with others inside and outside your circle of influence is your key to igniting your thriving business.

Content by itself is not king… it becomes king when you create it for your audience and share it widely.

We’ll ensure that your content is attract-worthy for your ideal client… and if it is… what needs to happen to get them to your content and engage with it and you.  Ideal client website audit 

Website Design

Larry Tseng Web Sky Techqueen Content

Now that you have your strategy, audience, image and content alignment, we can now build or tweak your website. 

We keep it practical and focused on who you are here to serve, how and when you want to serve them, and maintain alignment in your messaging. 

When you are aligned with your strategy, audience,  visuals, and content, it is easier to create a site that functionally serves you and your clients.

Maintenance Support

Neil Thomas Hand Holding Tree Up Unsplash

Now that you have each of these blocks of your business built, we provide ongoing support and coaching along the way to keep you aligned, shift gears if necessary to serve you and your audience, and keep your website secure and operational.

Having a partner who understands you and your business is precious.  Having ongoing support throughout the year to review your strategy and alignment with your audience, images, and content assures you having a thriving business that fulfills your mission.

Dr. Dar Hawks - Logo Wheadshot

Hello, I’m Darshana Hawks…

I facilitate, lead, and orchestrate your offline and online success. 

As a coach and healer myself with two decades of experience in web technology (my resume speaks for itself ;-)), and running my own business… I know the trials… and costs… of hiring people to handle your technology, advise you on your business, and to design and deliver a website that works for you and your business… and most importantly a site that appeals to your dream ideal client.  The problem is that most service providers only focus on one area… when you and your business really are a holistic relationship.

I have a holistic business and technology advisory and website service for coaches, product creators, and healers who have a product or service that makes the world a better place.

My clients call me their Tech Queen because I am multi-talented, have tons of experience in Corporate, Tech, and Business… I am always able to answer their questions, ensure their technology costs are aligned with their business strategy and need, keep their dream ideal client as a focus, and save them money and time. They know they are cared for, honored, respected, and treated like a trusted partner in success.

You want a collaborative, trustworthy partner who can guide you to create success in your business, handle your website technology needs, and be your trusted advisor when it comes to technology, business automation and operations solutions… and who can advise you where to spend your joy-earned dollars and where not to!

Dr. Dar Hawks - Logo Wheadshot

What My Ideal Client’s Say

Peace of Mind

Our woman-owned business needed more than my old-fashioned word of mouth approach to promoting and marketing the Bed and Breakfast. Although our business had repeat clients, we were not expanding, our website was antiquated and social media was a foreign language to me. Darshana (Our Tech Queen), with her tech savviness, business acumen, and ability to connect with me Spiritually was able to keep the integrity of our mission statement and expand our client base with her understanding of the latest and best technologies. We were at a crossroads of either choosing to get on board with all the variety of options or be left behind. We chose Darshana for her ability to understand our business, listen to our needs and those of our customers, and create what we ask for. Our business is stepping into the new world and Darshana has been just what we needed.

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