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3 Inspirations for My Mood Board

You may wonder what inspired these images.

I believe there are energies much larger than ourselves that are conspiring on our behalf, for our highest purpose and goodness… we can tap into those energies through images, words, silence, and being.

All there is for us to do is to have faith in them, trust in them, and know it is on the way.

For example: I knew I wanted to be in a loving relationship with my life partner… I longed for love… and after many breakups, rejections, tears, heart aches, pain, fights, failures, and moments of giving up and moments of saying I am going to be alone… I knew deep down that being alone was not for me…

So I created the Stress Free Dating System for myself… and once I completed it and aligned my head, heart, body, and energy with what I knew was for me… but did not know how in the heck it would happen in the world I lived in… but I trusted in powers higher and greater than me… while I did my inner and outer work… still trusting… I met the love of my life…

it was not hard, it was not difficult, it was not stressful.

I just took one step at a time… and worked on my inner attraction magnet.

I did not pay attention to this world’s opinions, statistics, or even my past based experience.

I knew that I could plug into any opinion that either supported me in my dreams or killed my dreams. I knew I could find ample information supporting either perspective… so I chose not to seek opinions outside of my higher self.  I knew my past based experience could create my future or I could create my future with an open heart, mind, body, and spirit through my choices going forward… my past no longer creates my present or my future. My past contributes to applying learning into my present and future… but I no longer rely on my past because well, it is behind me now and it no longer serves me in the now.

That belief and faith in powers and energies so large my itty bitty mind could not fathom… is what inspired these images and my new brand… and truth be told…

it’s always been who I am in the world as a dreamer and in helping others bring their dreams and ideals into reality one step at a time.

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3 Inspirations for My Mood Board
3 Inspirations for My Mood Board
3 Inspirations for My Mood Board