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2019 Lessons Actionplan

Every year I have the opportunity to reflect on the lessons I learned.  Usually they were during points of struggle, stress, not feeling good, or engaging in something that was not aligned with my lifestyle priorities and my highest choice superpower. (Want to know what lifestyle priorities and what your choice superpower is?  Contact me to learn more)

I am all about working on myself as well… so here are the lessons I learned this year.

Lessons Learned in 2018

  1. Walk away from something when I have many years invested is hard to see as a choice when I am in my own crud. Was it worth staying even longer?  No… I could not make it better or improve it… I was not honored or valued… and I said goodbye.  Lesson:  Leave earlier.
  2. Fighting when others who will never admit wrongdoing are fighting back is exhausting mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Was it worth fighting? It was worth being a stand for myself. However, the fighting took a toll on me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Lesson:  I am saying goodbye to 1 and 2 as those cycles are fully complete.
  3. Once you leave, your healing progresses quickly and choices that feel good and are better for you start emerging.  I am feeling better and better these days and look forward to more.  Lesson:  Leave amicably and earlier.
  4. Being patient when money, work, healthcare, food, and other survival needs are actively pushing on you is hard.  Was being patient and waiting worth it?  Yes.  Lesson: Waiting for the best opportunities that honor my values and needs was worth it.  It stretched my money comfort zone, was difficult financially, but ultimately it is working out for me and my family’s highest good.
  5. Taking on clients who could not afford my rates and service, would call to get support and their questions answered without reciprocity, committed to providing a really good testimonial and not coming through, giving a whole lot of my time to ensure they were happy with the service, and then when it was time for renewal, they did not renew.  Lesson:  when it does not feel good, exit the situation.  The money is not worth the headache and the investment of my time and energy.

I hope this is of value to you.  Drop a comment to let me know what you learned this year, I know I can learn from you as well.
From my heart to yours,
Dr. Dar

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