7 Life Changes in relationships



Dr. Dar

Are you having the necessary conversations with your partner/spouse or even yourself to determine your preference in planning and handling these life events?

1. Getting engaged or getting married
3. Buy or sell your home
4. Birth of a child or grand child
5. Job change, relocation, or promotion
6. Retirement
7. Divorce or separation
8. Death

Knowing what your approach is to these life changes will help you immensely in dealing with these scenarios should they happen to you. Contact me to learn more about planning for these life changes in the event they happen – this in essence becomes your insurance policy instead of leaving it to be managed during the crisis.

What’s Your Relationship Language?

What's Your Relationship Personality Type?

Discover your Relationship Language and reclaim your power, voice, equality, reciprocity, and fulfillment in ALL your relationships at home and work by understanding your relationship language and how it interacts with the 4 other relationship languages. Your Relationship Language is your key to being confident, in control, embracing your strengths and honoring your shadow side 🙌.

Your empowerment, fulfillment, healthy relationships and success starts now!


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