Love Quiz Results

Your Love Quiz Results Are Here!

Love-Ability - Happy Heart - Healthy Loved

First things first!

Before you get all heady about your score…

Please know and remember…

There is no such thing as a perfect score for your love-ability.

Your score simply reflects where you are now in your life.

We’ve been taught and learned about love, life, and love-ability from our head and brain space…When love actually lives in and from our heart.   It’s just a subtle shift in our way(s) of being, thinking, connecting, loving, and living…and that is what Love-Ability is all about.

Now…Let’s Connect with Your Love-Ability Score and Archetype

Your overall love-ability quiz score is:  {Your Love-Ability Score:131}

Click the link that corresponds with your Love-Ability Quiz Score to learn more about your archetype:

My Score = 1   Love Seeker Starter Archetype

My Score = 2  Love Seeker Learner Archetype

My Score = 3  Love Seeker Explorer Archetype

My Score = 4  Love Seeker Pioneer Archetype

My Score = 5   Love Seeker Igniter Archetype

Now that you know Your Love Seeker Archetype,
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Join our Love Seekers Facebook Community

This community is a sacred place where you can be YOU, learn from others through our unique perspectives, play with new ideas, recharge as consummate givers, let go of some heavy luggage as we support each other, and expand love consciousness on our planet and in our communities.

This is also where you’ll learn about the Love-Ability offers, new events, inspiration, free training offers, and have another place to congregate with fellow Love-Seekers!

(p.s. I spent years looking for a space to connect with fellow peeps who resonate and connect with the Power of Love…I call us Love-Seekers…and found none.  So, I am creating one for us.)

I love you and look forward to connecting with you soon!
Dr. Dar