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Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self


To Feel, See, and Acknowledge How Amazing You Are

Doodle – Intend – Create – Have

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Feb 14th

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Zoom Call

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Love Journal

You will seal your letter and place it where you will remember to mail it to yourself to open on Valentine’s Day 2/14/2022

Free event with a voluntary donation

Sacred Offer for Be Relationship Ready Workshop will be provided along with the Body Energy Map.

You will:

Write a love letter to your future self

Visually… In a guided, meditative way

Honoring all the energy centers in your body

Focusing On:

  • – The inspired you
  • – The ideas you want to bring into form
  • – The words you say about yourself
  • – The things you love about yourself
  • – Your determination, will, and choices you are
  • – The emotions you have about yourself
  • – Fears you have vanquished
  • – The thoughts and words you have about your
       belly – where ideas are birthed into form
  • – The ways you have grown, grounded, created,
       and are always safe and secure in self
  • – The 5 Superpowers and how you honor each of
       them for yourself

Self – Love – Appreciation – Joy

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The Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self


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