Loving Your Design Body Energy Map

Let Your Energy Do The Talking For You

What is the Loving Your Design
Body Energy Map?

The picture on the right represents a Body Energy Map.  Energy moves throughout your body in multiple ways.  Each part of your body draws in energy, sends it out, or stores it. Many things affect energy and how you absorb or process it including words, thoughts, feelings, your environment, other people, food, water, etc.

Your body energy map provides you with knowledge about yourself, past struggles, relationships, vulnerabilities, and so much more that is truly magical.  I wish everyone had this information readily available to them and was open to receiving it. 

  • Your Mind, Body, and Soul Are Energy.
  • Your environment and activities influence your energy (and vice versa).
  • People influence your energy (and vice versa).
  • Your emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories, responses, reactions, triggers, and body have energy.

In short, everything is energy.  You have your own way of using this energy to either serve your highest good, or not. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  It can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. 

Learning about your energy in your body, how and when it ebbs and flows, and how to understand what happens to it when in contact with others and in your environments has a direct connection to feeling good about yourself, your life, work, and relationships.

You came into this world with your own body energy map three months prior to and at your birth date, time, and space (location).  The divinity within you is connected to the energy of the cosmic environment at your birth.

Your energy map can be influenced, taken advantage of, or even abused or manipulated without conscious knowledge of how your energy works with your own unique map.  Once you have this knowledge and awareness of energy movement in your body, you no longer have to be concerned about your safety, wholeness, or self-love as long as you honor yourself and your energy.  Answers to your most pressing questions, healing from any issues, relationship problems, decisions that need to be made, and more can come from your body energy map.  It’s your map and your experience with your body energy map that has your answers.  Tap into it and receive! 

It is my wish for you to experience this work through a personalized session where you receive your own unique body energy map.  Your Body Energy Map will look like the one to the right, but the paths and colors will be unique to your energy.  The meaning of each shape and the paths  will be explained during your reading.

YOU are the Force that Pulls Things

Toward You or

Away from You. 

~Dr. Dar

Everything is energy.
You are energy.
Change your energy and
You will change your life and the world.
– Kasim Khan


  • You complete the form below,
  • You receive a private, protected, safe page to provide me with your birth data,
  • I create and study your body energy map, 
  • We meet on Zoom and I walk you through how to connect with your body energy map and
  • You will learn and know what to do and when just by tapping into your energetic body map and wisdom!

Get Your Body Energy Map Now

Your present and future life will thank you immensely. 
This will be the best investment you have made in and for yourself, ever!

  • Price: $495.00 Quantity:
    Dr. Dar will email you to request additional information so she can create your personal energy map and to schedule your reading.

There is truly magic in the world and it is not something that i would have ever believed.

The magic is in who we are, embedded into our own marvelous bodies like a rich vein of gold just waiting to be discovered. When we find this magic and tap into it’s power, it is as if we are suddenly plugged in to life at last. Finally, we can live our greatness, in peace, in grace, in power, by living our design, our Human Design.

– Ra Uru Hu