Loving Your Design

Understanding. Self. Others. Love.

YoU Have a Unique Design


Definition (Energy System)


Design: Know and understand how you were made, how you are designed to be with others, and how to manage and leverage your energy.

Energy: Your inherent power unique to you which includes your strategy for living, your choice making method, and the unique flow of energy in your body that feels good… or not.


YoU are the force that

Pulls things towards you

Or away from you.

Your Unique Design
Loving Your Design
Energy = Your Innate Power
Loving Your Design

What You Receive

Your Design Body Graph

You will receive your own body graph report which we will review together in your initiation session.

You will know your type, strategy for being with others, and your decision making authority.  Combine this with your Superpower and you will have joy, ease, and harmony in your life and relationships.

Your Energy Flow

Your inner world mirrors your outer world and reflects back to you. 

Learn how energy flows in your body and how it affects you through observation and experimenting with your body graph.

Receive your own strategy for living and choosing, your not-feel good default code, and what to do about it.

Your Energy Session

As your guide, I create a safe, loving, supportive, and compassionate environment for you to:

  • Share what shows up,
  • Release what no longer serves you,
  • Answer any questions that surface, 
  • Know what happens to your energy flow with other people, and
  • Be aware of how energy flows through and with you by choice (or not).

Private Initiation

You receive your own body graph, type, definition, and decision making authority. You will learn how to feel energy flow in your body and recognize how and when to take action or not.  Your session is recorded.  Allow 30 to 45 minutes of sacred time for your session.

VIP Experience

You receive your body graph, a deeper understanding of your relationships, all your questions answered, and how to hear the wisdom of your body, and when and how to take action. Your session is recorded.  Allow 60 to 90 minutes of sacred time for your session.

There is truly magic in the world and it is not something that i would have ever believed. The magic is in who we are, embedded into our own marvelous bodies like a rich vein of gold just waiting to be discovered. When we find this magic and tap into it’s power, it is as if we are suddenly plugged in to life at last. Finally, we can live our greatness, in peace, in grace, in power, by living our design, our Human Design. – Ra Uru Hu

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