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“You own the most powerful and magical magnet in the world; it is your love.” ~ Debasish Mridha

I thought I knew what love is… and what being loved is…  Looking back, I was closed to love with all my conscious and unconscious beliefs, lists, prior relationships (family, friends, and others) and preconceived ideas about whom to date or be attracted to.  I took the paths that created the maximum opportunity for learning about love, relationships, honoring self, loving self, and ultimately being the creator and chooser of all things feel good… and not feel good in my life.  And now, I am completely on your side, teaching, coaching, mentoring, and championing you as you learn to receive more love and magic in your life.

You are all things. Denying, rejecting, judging or hiding from any aspect of your total being creates pain and results in a lack of wholeness. ~ Joy Page

Welcome to one of the best investments you will ever make for you, your heart, and your love life—in fact, for all your relationships!

One of the things I have learned about relationships is that the greatest barrier to singles finding the partner of their dreams lies right between their ears! It’s all in the mindset. In the limiting beliefs they hold. A belief is simply a pattern of ‘chosen’ thought that is repeated over and over until it becomes a controlling idea.

Some of the self-defeating beliefs my single clients express are:

  • I was married (or in a relationship) once (or more times!), and it just didn’t work out, so it probably won’t work out again.
  • Men/women my age are as likely to find a new partner as to be struck by lightning—and I’ve even heard the statistics that make this true.
  • I’m not the kind who attracts people because I’m too _____________________, so there’s no point in even looking.
  • I’ve tried all the dating services, and all I met were players and takers, and I just don’t believe that there are any good ones out there. Besides, I spent a fortune for no results.
  • I’ve hired matchmakers, and that was a total waste of my money.
  • I have my list of requirements, and no one has been able to satisfy it… so I am resigned to never meeting that person.
  • I have a pretty good life by myself—lots of friends, a good job, a nice home—so why should I bother looking for a partner?
  • Fill in the blank with your own self-defeating belief: “_______________________.”

Well I’m here to tell you that all of these self-defeating beliefs are just that: beliefs. And the good news is that beliefs can be changed! Changing always involves moving past our comfort zone, but the payoff—a loving partner and a rewarding relationship—makes the discomfort worthwhile.

magic heart and wand

And although you may sometimes have to step outside that comfort zone a bit, the work we do together will be

fun, kind, gentle, and magical.

We explore love, dating, and relationships from a logical place… so that your mind and heart can become aligned partners… and you become open to receiving all the magic in your life and love life you deserve and desire.   I can promise you, this will not keep the struggle fuddle in place… you will experience magical shifts… whether you believe it… or not.


One of the things that makes me unique is that I don’t focus on weaknesses or failures.  We learn from them for sure… but only for a smidgen of time… then we move on to what’s working well in your life… and sprinkle tons more of that magic into you life.

Your Magical Path to True Love Program


Magical Path to True Love-RoadHeartTree-ProductImage

Here’s some of what we’ll explore together:

  • Learn about the Three Stages of Love
    • Learn the Ten Principles of Love-Conscious Dating
    • Design the life of your dreams – Yep, consciously and on paper.  Magic happens when you create like this!
    • Go beyond your list of what you want in a mate so that it actually becomes a loving attraction magnet and not a reverse detracting magnet.
    • Understand the difference between being in love and being in commitment.
    • Shift any conscious and unconscious limiting thinking, feelings, and attitudes
    • Take a peek at how your past relationships affect who you choose to date or mate with… Yep, it does… It’s fun to see the ways it shows up in our lives and relationships, not just the intimate ones.
    • You will make your own relationship and attraction plan
    • Be Happy. Healthy. and Whole.

    And more… this is not just a find the love of your life program… it’s also about having a life you totally love as well.

    The key to having successful relationships with others is first to have a successful relationship with yourself, and that’s where we will start. I call this It’s All About You! in Your Magical Path to True Love program and course.
    magic carpet - Dr. Dar
    We cannot love another until we love ourselves first.

    The Love-Conscious Self-Focus in this program is the love for ourselves that opens up the ability to powerfully and successfully love another.

    Jump on your magic carpet and get ready for the magical ride of your life as we put these magical principles into action!

    Dr. Dar, Ph.D
    Certified Singles, Couples, Family, Life and Spiritual Coach.
    Be. Happy. Healthy. Whole.

    I Invite You to Schedule Your
    Complimentary Private Dating Discovery Session

    30 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

    • Are you ready to finally find the Love of Your Life?
    • Wondering how to find your perfect match?
    • Tired of dating around and settling for less than what you really want?

    This Free, Private Love-Conscious Dating Strategy Session is for you if:

    • You are ready to get unstuck and take action
    • You are willing to make some changes
    • You are open to getting support to go after what you really want

    In just 30 minutes you will . . .

    Your Magical Path to True LoveCreate a crystal clear vision for your “Happily Ever After” so you can finally make it happen.

    Your Magical Path to True LoveUncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your dating and relationship success.

    Your Magical Path to True LoveLeave this session excited and inspired to finally find the love you seek- once and for all.

    If you’re like me, you want to read and learn some more before diving into connecting with me.  Here’s more information as to what this is all about…   And as my now hubby said when we were dating and he wanted a commitment from me “You will never have someone as committed to you as I am”… I share the same sentiment with you now.

    It’s magical when you receive what you desire in your life.   

    Have you ever thought about how that happens?

    I believe it’s through:

    • Clarity – being crystal clear about what you require, need, and want – leaving what you don’t love and adding more of what you do love.
    • Alignment – between what your head and heart are communicating, with the choices you make, with the people in your life, and with yourself.
    • Choice – making the best choices so that you receive what you require, need, and want.
    • Connection – connecting with people and yourself at a deeper, heart-centered level – an open heart and head.
    • Collaboration – knowing it takes resources plus the willingness and openness to leverage resources (with reciprocity) to have what you require, need, and want – your collaborative spirit.

    By now you may be wondering what Your Magical Path to True Love is and what this has to do with finding your Mr./Ms. Wonderful.

    Your Magical Path to True Love is about:

    • Not Dating
    • A process to rewire your mindset to attract someone who is worthy of you, your time, love and life
    • Becoming the Chooser
    • Equality in your relationships
    • Being your first true love
    • Aligning yourself with your lifestyle priorities, requirements, needs and wants
    • Building or enhancing your self-confidence and self-esteem so that you can easily make the best choices for you… or balancing it if it’s so high it pushes people away
    • Showing you that there is a special, different, way to meet people with the purpose of finding your love-life-partner.

    If you are a Single Woman who:

    • Needs and wants to be in a lasting, committed relationship
    • Finds herself fluttering from one relationship to another, only to find it did not work out
    • Has a heart that aches from broken or failed relationships or friendships
    • Feels lonely during her personal time
    • Desires true love… the love that is unconditional, accepting, and reciprocal
    • Recognizes there is something off because she attracts losers
    • Craves belonging and having someone to share herself and life with.

    You have come to the right place.

    Let’s connect on a discovery call… to see if we are a fit for each other… and begin activating the energy of your magical path to true love.

    What are you waiting for?  It’s just a video or phone call with me where we connect voice to voice, person to person, with joy and ease… and of course Magic!

    Get on my calendar now already!  You’re Worth It!

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