Stress Free Marriage Experience

An Appreciative Approach

Welcome to The Stress Free Marriage Experience

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Each one of us knows how to be single.

We are pros at it… because many of us have been single for most of our lives… plus we engage in activities throughout our day on our own.

We know how to be single.

None of us have been guided on how to communicate, connect, collaborate, and sustain a long term intimate relationship.

Sure, I watched

Becoming a couple is a different game in life.



Could My Marriage Be Dreamy Again?

Let’s find out.

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The Stress Free Marriage Experience Is…

  • Immersive, private, and deeply personal
  • Conducted in a safe and comfortable space
  • For couples who want to see if their relationship can be saved… and what it takes to save it
  • For open minded, non-judgmental, and committed couples
  • Focused on relationship, communication, connection, coaching and listening skills that apply to any type of relationship
  • A way to get your head aligned with your heart and soul so that you become an ideal partner to and for each other.

This is the education, guidance, support, and sustainability that you did not learn in school, from family, or at work by Dr. Dar who is trained to work with couples and families from all walks of life.

Collaborate. Connect. Commit. Today.

The Stress Free Marriage Experience

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