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Hi, I’m Dr. Dar and I help soul-centered working women embrace stress free living and loving by:

Finding the love of their life
Having happy, reciprocal marriages, 
Designing lives that serve their highest good, and
Creating lives and work they love.

My stress free programs are not coping tools, they eliminate stress. My programs are effective in eliminating stress to create the results you want in the areas of Dating, Marriage, Work, and Life.

I am a life and relationship mastery guide, chief magic maker, honorer of your humanity and Spirit, and life long learner.  My Superpower is to love and belong with a touch of freedom… and my kryptonite is survival.  What’s yours?  Find out, take the quiz now.

My Story

I’m Dr. Dar (aka Darshana Hawks) and I am a Be Stress Free Life and Relationship Coach, Savvy Business Strategist, Technology Nerd, Lover of Dogs, Trees, Humanity, and Bright Colors. I am a life experimenter which means I have traveled many divergent paths to arrive at finding the love of my life, having a stress free loving marriage, a business and website I love, work that is fulfilling, tons of education and ongoing learning, trying things out on me before giving it to you, and having a stress free life.

I bring calm solutions to stressful situations, the big to do lists in work and business, and relationships. Get on the phone with me and it’s handled with ease. I believe that stress is a block to believing in ourselves, conceiving our dreams, receiving magic and miracles, and achieving our desires.

I am compassionately committed to you being the best you can be, having a life you love that loves you back, and being fulfilled in your work and relationships. I am committed to lifelong learning as a seasoned Life, Relationship and Business Coach that uses Reality Therapy and Choice Theory for getting the best results in the most efficient ways.

Having attained an MBA and Ph.D. as well, what’s amazing, and perhaps nuts, is that I apply what I learn to my own life before sharing with my clients to fully vet techniques for maximum effectiveness. 

Whether interacting with individuals in my Be Stress Free Coaching programs, singles in my Stress Free Dating System, couples in my Be Stress Free Marriage Experience,  business owners in my Stress Free Business and Technology services, or volunteering in support of parents and teens at Teen Driving Solutions School, I am a loving force that believes in YoU!

My Values & Beliefs

Be Stress Free

I believe that stress is a block to believing in ourselves, conceiving our dreams,
receiving magic and miracles, and achieving our desires.

I Believe in YoU!

I believe you are the expert in all things about YoU.  I simply am your guide on this path called life.

I Value

I value Reciprocity, Kindness, Love and Belonging, my Freedom to Choose (and the five be stress free superpowers). I believe in having lifestyle priorities that are my guides along the path of life. My lifestyle priorities are my health, family, contribution, flexibility and prosperity.

Be Your Best

I believe that when you are stress free, you are at your best.  When you are stress free, you become a receiving magnet, you are happier and you contribute to the world and humanity being the best it can be… in unimaginable ways.

My Approach

I believe you are the expert in YoU, and I am your guide along the path called life.  I have a vast array of tools and techniques, but mostly, I listen intuitively and deeply to your inner whispers and bring them forward for you to hear them.

My clients learn how to shed things that do not serve them, such as letting go of anxiety, doubt, uncertainty, fear, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, and even anger. They emerge confidently knowing when they are at their best and when they are not, they know what to do about it.  They gain undaunting belief in and love for themselves. 

My uncanny ability to see alternatives that are unique to you and that fit your life have been acknowledged time and time again by my clients. 

If you are tired of the cookie cutter, in-the-box options that ultimately do not work, you are ready to work with me.  I’m devoted to you having work, life, and relationships that are designed for you to flourish and that nurture your nature.

I feel like I’ve been preparing to support you and your dreams my entire life!

Meet Dr. Dar
Meet Dr. Dar



When You are Stress Free, You Make the World a Better Place In Unimaginable Ways!

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Meet Dr. Dar