Meet the parents – the easy or hard way, it’s your choice



Dr. Dar

Meet the Parents – Hard or Easy?  It’s Up to You!

Don'T Always Need A Plan - Just Go For It And Breathe

You may or may not be looking forward to meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.  This a crucial moment in your relationship and it’s very important that you make a healthy first impression (note I said healthy and not good!  Why, because you are not in a performance on Broadway).  Thinking through all  the what ifs will drive you bonkers.

Instead, have a sip of wine to relax, and breathe through the event.  Just go with the flow, without your preconceived what ifs, and enjoy the parents.  It going well or not, is out of your control.  What is in your control, is your own behavior and wellbeing.

Women tend to introduce their significant other to the parents earlier in a relationship than a men.

I think that maybe this is because women talk more openly about their lives to their parents or they are seeking approval.

While this is a huge step in a relationship, it’s important to remember that his parents are no different than any other people you have met in your lifetime, so just be yourself and you will survive this meeting.

Understand that they will be evaluating you but also know that being yourself and not putting on any false airs is the best way to survive meeting the parents.

If you have been true to yourself thus far in your relationship  then your partner already approves of your personality and character traits so don’t be afraid to let the real you shine through when meeting the parents.

One more tip,  it’s important to let your partner take the lead in discussing the status of the relationship.

Understand that your partner loves his parents and may be bothered by them at times but that it is not acceptable for you to be critical of them.

Avoiding controversial issues is also critical to surviving meeting your boyfriend’s parents.

Steering clear of emotionally charged issues when meeting your boyfriend’s parents will keep the meeting calm and help things to go smoothly.

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a milestone in a relationship; women make this a bigger deal than men do.  Play it cool and be yourself; above all have fun and don’t try to impress.

Wanting to introduce you to his parents lets them know that he considers the relationship to be pretty serious and that he is hoping that you can all get along.

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